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MG TD TF 1500 - Belated Birthday

Nearly forgot that my TD, TD4136, turned 69 on the first. It is currently undergoing a full body/frame/interior restoration.

I purchased the car in 1973 when I was 21 while I was stationed in the Army at the Presidio of San Francisco. It was a running car, but that is about the best I could say. The body had three different colors of paint on it. The gauges were out of a TR3, and the interior was an Amco replacement black kit.

We moved the car up to my parents house in Northern California, where I would work on it on weekends with my brother.

I had no real knowledge of what a TD was, having only seen one prior to purchaing this one. There were none in the area where we lived.

This is prior to the internet, so information on restoring the car came from Moss Motors, and other parts suppliers catalogues.

I did not have any support such as this web site, to restor the car, so we did what we thought we should.

The car was painted in an ivory paint. The original color was a dark green. We left the black interior in it as it was in good condition. I did not know what the original color of the interior was until this restoration when I found two tiny scraps of green interior material.

During the years I have owned the car, it suffered a catastrophic rod failure and I had to replace the original engine.

I rebuilt the transmission at a John Twist transmission class, and John's shop also upgraded the differential to a 4:50 ratio.

Today, I am working to bring the car back to as close to what it would have been from the dealer as I can. I say dealer, in that the car has a few extras, such as separate Jager temperature gauge that we believe were dealer added items.

So it is my hope that for it's 70th birthday, I will be driving a Woodland Green exterior, Apple green interior fully restored to factory new condition TD.

Here is my favorite picture. My Daughter at her wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks and my TD.

Bruce Cunha

This thread was discussed on 11/11/2019

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