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MG TD TF 1500 - Bill's TF weekly report

Not sure if this will work for those of you that don't do face book or even those of you that do.. but you can give it a shot...if you like. It's a lot easier to put the photos together with a short report.
MG LaVerne

Hello Laverne

Unfortunately I don't do Social Media and therefore the Facebook option does not work for anyone like me who does not have a Facebook account. The link requests a login for access the report

I, and I a sure many others, are interested in the project but cannot access the report on Facebook

mgtf 1500 9194
I Massey

Hi I Massey, I'm pretty sure if you go to and type in the search bar...The Whitworth should come up without having an account.
Regards, Don TF 4887 "Figaro"
Don Walker

I second Mr. Massey's comments.

Jim Haskins
J M Haskins

I am another who does not participate in Facebook or Twitter etc, but I do use a Blog to let family know of our travels etc.

A Blog account is free. I use

Don, I tried what you suggested, but could not see a "search bar"

cheers Stuart
Stuart Duncan

I looked at doing a blog but because I'm lazy I went with the facebook thing. If I put it here i have to resize all of the pictures and post one at a time along with a comment for each one. Neither of which I have to do on Facebook. I also posted this to the MG Experience site. So what i'm getting at is I'm just going to do the Facebook thing rather than reposting them here.

Join doesn't cost can make up a bogus name if you like...hell my wife has about 6 different accounts...why I don't know or care.

You will have to give an email address, but I don't get any spam because of it.

The link is to our local British car group and you might find some of the pictures and info there of interest as well.
MG LaVerne

You just made me do something I sear I would never do- Join Facebook!

Of course I used an obsolete gmail account, and fake name and birthday.

I do not, nor have I ever considered Facebook safe and secure.

Like Google its spyware.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Might add that if anyone wants to join our group page just let me know. If you do you can then post comments or ask questions if you like.

If you stick to the group page it isn't much different than looking here but the range is a wider subject of British cars. Several T owners from this site are already members... it aint all bad.
MG LaVerne


Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Only reason I joined some years back was because it was suggested By the late Gordon Lawson as a way to post pictures...which this site could not do at that time.

Send me an email JB and I'll send you back an invite to join our group if you like

dorydd0555 at aol dot com
MG LaVerne

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