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MG TD TF 1500 - BMIHT Historic Photos - TF

Ok, someone last week 'cried' "but where are the photos of TF's"...???? (I of course didn't think about TF's with my first request....for that I will spend the night in the shed!!!).... However... the nice lady/girl/female at the British Heritage Picture library just sent me a slew of TF photos (at my late request last week)...I have added them to the 'old' photo website:

Those who might be interested in copies, or who would just like to thank Lynda can email her at:
gblawson - TD#27667

On picture #7
is there a heat shield on the carburettors? I thought they were always an aftermarket item.

David Wardell

Ok, so it was me. In all the books I've seen there is little of the TF much less assembly photos. It appears that is still the case. Any way thanks for your effort Gordon, I don't know about the heat shield but whats up with the pegs on the side of the valve cover? By the way it appears that I've sovled the overheating and with the heater in now I took it in for alignment this morning. Had both doors pop to the safety catch so I believe I'm going to have to do a safety latch.


I believe the studio shots including the under bonnet shot show one of the prototype or development cars, hence the TD aircleaner bolts on the rocker cover and the non-standard heatshield. There is an equivalent right hand side under bonnet shot also showing the heat shield and a few other non standard items. One or two books have reproduced factory shots of the TF engine assembly (showing no heat shield). Great photos, thanks.

Matthew Magilton

If BMC was the same as any company doing publicity/marketing photography, they produce it long before they have the product finalized (and sometimes built).
I used to shoot industrial/commercial stuff and have shot my share of wooden mock up blenders and vacuum cleaners.
Also there is a shot in the TD group of a bonnet without the side panels...yet the car behind it has them assembled.
Good old artistic license of the art director/photographer.
...." can I see those two carbs with those damn side panels on...can someone slide them off....."
gblawson - TD#27667

I love picture #16....what you don't see, (or hear):
The guys face as he is cursing ..."if I take this @#$%^&* suit-case outa here, I'll be able to see out the bloody rear view mirror again"!
.....Page 2 ....and now you know the rest of the story....
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Gordon is "dead on" with the "publicity/marketing"...not too many years ago shooting video for a litle hand held "mixer" (don't recall the name ...but they looked somewhat like little "Penguines")....They made quick work of mixing up an egg / drink or what have you......what you didn't "see" on the info comercial:
The hundreds of burn carcauses of these 110volt little buggers that gave up their lives when they were "fed" with 200+ volts so they ran at "double speed" before bursting into flames! LOL
....again as Paul Harvey would have said 2.......
David Sheward

Yesterday, I sent Lynda an email thank you for her assisting you in this endeavor.

She really appreciated it.

Thanks again, Gordon!

Best regards,

dave lackey

Gary Krukoski sent me some J type photos he got from the picture library...have added them to the site...
gblawson - TD#27667


they're great pix. I love the TD stuff.

Do you have high resolution versions of them, suitable to print out?

Steve Swann

No, these are just the thumbnails she sent... they are available from the BMIHT ... bit pricey. You can inquire by emailing Lynda at:
gblawson - TD#27667

Thanks Gordon
Steve Swann

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