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MG TD TF 1500 - Body Production Windscreen Card


Here are some questions I have for the many experts on this board! I am finishing the restoration on my 1954 TF. I got this card that the dealer said was furnished with British imports from 40's thru 60's. It looks like it was printed in England. It was put on the windscreen on new cars by the East coast importer Hambro. I would guess that all distributors including my S H Arnolt for my midwest car?? I will include an image. My car number I put HDP 46/3878
enginexpag/tf/33871, body cab number 13401

Here is where the fun begins and I will ask you where you think is the proper place to fill it in or if it even is appropriate to fill in:
C.A.B. SERIAL - ?? What is this

CAR PREFIX: maybe TF3878?

BODY TYPE: I put two seat open roadster

headlamps: I have the tripod Lucas. Is this the correct description in your opinion?

Gearbox number: I don't think we have numbers on these do we?

Rear Axle No. Would this be the 4.875 to 1



Here is another 'paper' that someone found behind their door panel....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I am not familiar with this card. What are the letters in the little trademark at the bottom? As a wild guess I would say that "Headlamps" could be something like N.A.Exp' to show they comply with your market (tripods were not factory issue headlights).
Car Prefix would be HDP 46 (Ivory, North American export of an MG Roadster)
Followed by Car Number 3878.
Body Type, simply 'Roadster' or maybe 'Sports' but earlier models may have had a number because there is a body type code number.
I think many of these boxes would have been left empty
Nots sure about C.A.B. It would be very interesting to see an original filled out card.

Matthew Magilton

Body type would probably be: 2 seater

They use that term on their explanation of codes...
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

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