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MG TD TF 1500 - Bought a battery......!!!!

Had been away for the weekend and on the way home i visitied my local Canadian Tire.... bought a battery.
Got to the barn and took off the hood/bonnet. Dropped it in and attached the cables. (Had two fire extinguishers handy).
Took the key and moved to the dash board.... the map light was sitting there "on".... a good sign.
Turned the key and the ignition light and "low/no fuel light lite up.... no movement from my amp meter.
Turned the lights to the first knotch.... front parking lights... license plate light... one right
Turned to the next position and the headlights came on.
Those three toggle switches to the left of the wheel.... flipped the top one...nothing. The next one turned on one driving light...the bottom one toggled to the right turned on a "flashing" turn the left the left signal including the left rear tailight signal (the "out" tailight).
Turned the barn lights out and there were the instruments lit up (well... i could sort of see the numbers...sort of.... if i looked carefully! The "dimming" rheostadt worked as well... dim to dimmer.
Forgot to try the high/low beams and the driving light switch on the dash.
As nothing had been been turned on since 1978 i was a pretty happy camper.
g.b.lawson '53TD

Gordon - The two fire extenguishers were a nice touch. the only thing I would have done differently would to have hooked one side of the battery through about a 15 amp fuse. That way is there was a gross short somewhere, the fire extinguishers would not have been needed. Congratulations, one milestone met! We will expect a driving report next. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

This thread was discussed on 19/07/2004

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