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MG TD TF 1500 - brake bleed followup

A couple of months trying to bleed the brakes after rebuilding the wheel cylinders, master clyinder and cleaning out the lines, I finally called my friend Hugh who sometimes saves me from myself. As it turns out, during the master cylinder rebuild I did not insert the valve cup firmly into the valve body causing a small amount of valve cup rubber to stick out - this was very obvious when we disassemble the master cylinder but not so obvious (to me) when I originally rebuilt it. The rubber had mushroomed out and was somewhat distorted. All in all an easy fix but I am not going to admit how many cans (lol) of brake fluid was pumped through the lines trying to ascertain the problem. The brakes acted just like there was air in the system. As before I am still having fun with the TD. Also, I have a master cylinder rebuild kit if anyone needs one or parts of one - the rubber valve cup is not perfecct.

tw hager

Always shine a light down into the MC ... mine was rebuilt with the old rubber washer down in the bottom with the new one on top of it...! Took a couple of disassembles to find it...

This thread was discussed on 18/03/2009

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