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MG TD TF 1500 - brake cylinders

Has anybody had problems with new wheel cylinders with the word "County" cast in the side. We have fitted new cyls all round and even with the brakes locked up, we still have too much pedal movement. Between us we have 70 years experience of T-Types and have never had this problem before. The brakes have been bled with a positive pressure fluid feed system and have no air in them.
Ray 54 TF
John 53 TD

Ray, there is an adjustment on the forked rod or clevis that connects to the bottom of the brake pedal. This adjusts the travel or slack between the pedal and the plunger. Moss parts 180-320 and 180-485.
You might want to check that. Been there and done that with partially locked rear brakes. Insufficient clearance in my case.
Jim Merz

Thanks, the clearance at m/c is OK only the wheel cyls have been changed
ray lee


Are you sure that all four wheels are locked, I am asking because it may be that the adjusting cams are at the end of their travel, this is common on the rear brakes.

John Scragg

Yes, all adjustment fully up and shoes centred. We are going to refit orig cyls and eliminate bit by bit
ray lee

I put a new set of shoes on last summer and found that the adjusters were fully 'out' (no more adjustment) on the first setup. Picked up the new adjusters from O'connor Classics (bit pricey) and will install this spring. Wonder if the new shoes are thinner then the originals?
gblawson - TD#27667

Ray, is your pedal spongy or hard? Regards, rick.
R Payne

We are starting to suspect that the M/C cup was damaged while bleeding. The piston travels much further than normal whilst pumping. Anyway it gives us something to do.

Ray, the one set of those "County" wheel cyls I have seen and used worked fine. Since it is a simple cylinder, there would be almost no way for it to cause the problem you have. If you are postitive it is well-bled (silicone fluid can be a pain), the adjusters are not all the way out, you re-adjusted after applying the brakes hard a few times, the brake hoses are not rotten and ballooning out, that leaves the master cylinder. Many master cyls are ruined when bleeding. The piston is pushed way past where it has stopped for years, and the ring of rust or gunk present trashes the seals. Bet you are on the right track. George
George Butz

Master cylinder seal seal distorting until pressure deformed it to cylinder wall, and it has only been in for 15 years !!!

Just mentioning again (cause it happened to me)...the innermost seal in the MC is hard to see and get sure it is actually out... I had two in there for a week or so and the old one contaminated my silicon brake fluid not to mention screwing up the travel! Wasn't till I used a light to see down in that I found it....!
gblawson - TD#27667

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