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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake fluid Vampire?

Backing out of the garage the other day and the pedal went to the floor...back into the garage!! For the life of me I can't find any leaks...nothing on the hubs, the hoses are firm and not leaking, MC looks good, no leaks. I filled up the MC and have a good pedal, good brakes. My question...I usualy drain & refill my brake fluid every other season...didn't do it last year so I'm on my third is stored away for the it possible that it just evaporated over the three years? Possibly barke fluid vampires?
Bob Dougherty

How low was the cylinder? Perhaps it wasn't really low enough to get air in the system, but maybe the m/c piston seal is starting to fail, or the bore corroded and allowed bypass initially? I'd be wary, and prepared to grab the emergency brake handle for now! Very strange; i'm curious what the experts have to say. I've seen cars sit for years, and if the W/C seals don't fail, they are usually full, but sludgy from attracted moisture.
Steven Tobias

My friend Steve is correct. Most likely your wheel cylinders are fine, but you need to rebuild your master cylinder as it is allowing internal leakage.

Dave Braun

I agree with all - brake fluid does not simply evaporate or disappear; it goes somewhere, and if it drains the m/c there is certainly a problem to be adressed. There can be no 'fiddledeedeee' with brakes. I would start by rebuilding the m/c and checking the wheel cylinders, the latter which can be done without removing them from the backing plate.

t lange

I thought as much...but was hoping for a "oh yes that happened to me" post that would save me the trouble!
Oh to the garage to tear into it...
Bob Dougherty

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