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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake light switch again

What are current suggestions for a good quality switch TD/TF switch? I know the Ron Francis and other suggestions, but those are pretty old now. Any specific vendors/suggestions? Not interested in relays, or mods, just a good quality original type switch. Thanks, George
George Butz III

George. Unsure if it will work on the TD, but I kept burning out the switch on my 67 B and installed a relay switch to cut down on the voltage going to the switch.
Bruce Cunha

I think the Ron Francis low pressure switch is still a good recommendation. I installed one on my TD less than two years ago and am very happy with it.
Joe Olson


I cannot help you in finding a good switch, but have a question. Do you have silicon brake fluid (dot 5) or standard dot 4 in your system?


Just a small correction (for the sake of accuracy) to your comment about relays. The object of fitting a relay, in this case, is to reduce the current through the brake switch contacts, not the voltage.

J Scragg

25 years ago I bought a VW brake light switch from NAPA. Same threads, metric if I remember correctly, Possibly from a VW Beetle...
Safety Faster!
Len Fanelli

Not my car, has DOT 3 in it. I have used DOT5 for many years with great success. The problem is many of the new switches have tiny micro contacts which quickly pit and burn. Yes there are relays- the late David DuBois made them, but don't want the added complexity. Thanks, George
George Butz III

Replace the incandescent brake light bulbs with LEDs to greatly reduce the current going through the switch. No relays needed.

J K Chapin

Great idea Jud, thanks! George
George Butz III

There are no quality switches on the market that I've found. led bulbs do make a difference, although they look different from an incandescent and not everyone likes the look.

Not exactly a solution, but some stores offer a lifetime warranty om their switches. Whenever it goes bad, you get a new one for free. I've exchanged several at my local Autozone for a couple cars that I don't want to put LED in. I just keep an extra on hand so I can change it if it goes bad, and then exchange the bad one at my convenience.
Steve Simmons

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