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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake MC change access

I know the manual describes removing floor boards to change out brake master cylinder, but my question is, if the foot well is removed is there adequate access space change MC

My TF is RHD so not footwell, removed the floor board to change mine, have renewed all the fasteners do removing both seats and floor board can be done easily.

Nothing is impossible, but I still have not got toothpaste back into the tube.

Try it, if it works then good work, you have delayed removing the floor boards until you need to change the gearbox and/or clutch.

Last time I removed seats and floor boards I started about 10AM and was done by 3PM, with new fasteners I think it would be under 2 hours. Tell you in October when the come out next time.

P G Gilvarry

No need to pull the footwell. Remove the brake line and two bolts and the MC a falls out the bottom
W A Chasser

This thread was discussed on 08/08/2021

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