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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake Pedal Return Spring

Does anyone have a picture of how the brake pedal return spring is hooked up in the pedal box? I can't remember and like a dummy, didn't take a photo of it before disassembly. It's not where it hooks to the pedal, it's where it hooks up to the pedal box that has me buffaloed. I see no hole for the spring hook. PJ
P Jennings

I did a cut away just for you Paul..LOL. Unfortunatly you can't see it but inside the box there should be an eyelet welded to the bottom front wall to accept the loop of the spring.


Thanks LaVern, That was very nice of you to cut the box open just for me. (Grin). If it's there, I don't know how I missed it, unless being painted made it disappear somewhat. I'll give it a better look. PJ
P Jennings

Mine was so caked with road gunk I couldn't find it till after sandblasting! There's some good tips on how to reinstall that blasted thing on Dave B's site as I remember also.

LaVerne, how did you do that cutaway? And why weren't they built that way in the first place?
efh Haskell

Great idea! No access problems any more. George
George Butz

It was part of the package Ed. as far as function, I really see no use for the box other than the return spring which could have easily been handled with an el bracket off the frame. Would have made life a lot simpler.


Paul, I have just removed the pedals. Here is a photo showing the loop for the brake pedal return spring, it is just visible poking out of the oil and dirt in the bottom of the box. This is a right hand drive car, but I should imagine that a left hand drive would be similar. I discovered that the spring was missing completely, but had not noticed any problem with the brake pedal return. Matt

Matt Davis

PJ - I have some very clear photos on my web-site:
You'll have to click on the August posts, scroll to the beginning post, then scroll down, way down until you find the photos of the pedal installation with return spring, I think it's pretty close to the end of that very long post (it's the post I transferred from my initial Comcast (ugh!) postings).

Hope this helps, assuming you still need it -- John
John Brickell

Thanks Matt & John for the photos, they help quite a bit. It was that loop in the front that I missed, but seeing how it fastens to the pin is great also. Thanks again. PJ
P Jennings

Well, the spring is in. If I ever have to replace this spring again, I think I'll sell the car first! What a miserable job! Now I know how a doctor feels when preforming brain surgery. I had to fabricate a new pin as the original pin was too short to get the spring on. I believe it was because a new yoke was installed on the master cylinder and it's a tad wider overall than the original. It's done and alls well. Thank goodness! PJ

New pin on left,

P Jennings

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