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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake system 'four way' fitting

Has anyone seen the abortion Moss is selling for a replacement for the 'four way' fitting that holds the brake light switch? Has anyone actually used it? Will it work; will it leak?

Now I'm curious. What is it? What does it look like? George
George Butz

George, it's the connection between the master cylinder, the front brakes and the rear brakes. It also has the brake light switch screwed into it. Thus a 'four way' connector. Ir's under the car near the master cylinder on a left hand drive TF.

Hi Baz, I know what it is suppose to look like. What does the Moss replacement look like? George
George Butz

They make it out of two pieces. The top piece has hole through it which they have put a bolt through. There are no seals on either end of the bolt and I can't see how it won't leak brake fluid. The bottom piece connects to the top piece with copper washers between the pieces. This thing should be ib ONE piece. This is goig back to Moss.

Yikes! Do you need one (a real one)? Some chance I have one- e mail me if you do, and I'll look. George
George Butz

The early MGB (Up to 1967 MKI) used a similar 4 way fitting with the brake switch in the center. You might want to look at one of these. Sould be very similar.
BEC Cunha

Thanks, BEC, I will.

If you use the early MGB 4-way, won't you have to install SAE threaded fittings on the adjacent brake pipes?

Dave Braun

Good point Dave. I don't know what thread is on the TD brake lines.
BEC Cunha

BAZ -- Call Abingdon Spares in Walpole NH they have a very good assortment of used parts.
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

While on the subject of the four-way fitting....

I just cleaned this fitting in anticipation of installing all new brake pipes. I notice that three of the four ports in this piece have "bump-ups" on the bottom (convex profile, if you will). The fourth port has a depression on the bottom (concave profile). I find it odd that all four ports don't have the same profile on the bottom.

Both three-way fittings have "bump-ups" at the bottom of each port.

Since the four-way fitting worked correctly for many years (decades), I assume it will work correctly when I reassemble it. Still, I find this curious.

Larry Shoer

Duh. Never mind. The odd port takes the brake switch, which has the correct profile to seat in the depression at the bottom of the port.

Larry Shoer

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