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MG TD TF 1500 - Braving the heat

Today in Atlanta the temperature was well into the upper 90's according to radio reports. According to the two thermometers on my back porch it was over 100 degrees!

While at a bank drive-thru in the heat of this afternoon, I spotted a bright red flash in my rear view mirror (of my air conditioned Jeep). It appeared to be a red TD or TF with the top down, cruising south on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. I admire the bravery of the owner, whoever you are, for being out in such heat. What a cooling system you must have?

I'd have to have a block of dry ice between my legs to attempt such a feat!

Ha, ha, ha.....hey, Robert, that was funny 'cept I would prefer regular ice! It's wetter...

Drove the TD to work yesterday in Peachtree City but I left the top up (been down for 2 weeks) and found it is much cooler in this Atlanta heat than when it is down. Funny thing, though, I haven't seen anybody riding around in an MG lately. Seems I am the only one crazy enough to drive the B or the TD in this heat.

At least we have a "wet" heat though....

Best regads,
dave lackey

My wife and I find that on the hot days, it is much more comfortable to ride with the to up and side curtains off in the TD. If we are using the MGB, it is top up, both down and the rear window unzipped. Since our only other choice of vehicle to drive besides the TD or MGB is an old Toyota pickup, the MGs are what we drive all the time (unless we need to haul gravel or such - lumber we can get into the MGs). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

It was 101 on Wednesday in Wilson, NC and I took out my '52 TD for a spin - top down. Wasn't too bad until you had to stop for traffic or a light.

"Drive with the top down"
Gary Mills

I bet you spotted Ellis Carlton, you knoew "mad dogs, and Englishmen" & Ellis in his red TD.

Why don't you come to the Natter 'n Noggin Wednesday at the Steak and Ale in Northlake and meet "mad Ellis" and the rest of the local "mad" MG T'ers
Don H.
Don Harmer

Have two cars...the TD and an Escort...also have a 18 year old daughter with a license...I tend to drive the TD a lot..not that I'm complaining. Have been driving it during the last heat wave (90to 100 degrees) is cooler with the top up, but 'cooler' with the top down (I do tend to like the lines with the top up however).
Just stopped at a corner down town and two couples came straight chap had an MGA that he is into the 20th year of restoration...I told him to go home and finish it....anyway...we all know how common "I have/had one of those" is?
gordon lawson

Speaking of I took the T over a 63000' pass, outsude air temp 96 degrees. The pass was a continuous uphill for about 8 miles, steep enough so I'm in 3rd gear, 4000RPM, 40 MPH all the way up. For the 1st time since I've owned the car, I had to stop 1/2 way up the hill to let her cool, lost about a quart of coolant (I have an overfolw tank that I installed). Was I asking too much for the weather? I've hot-tanked the rad, put on an MGB 7 blade fan and fitted an overflow tank while running a 180 thermostat, 75% water, 24% coolant and 1% water wetter....
Robert Dougherty

I would say you did pretty well... that is about as extreme a condition as you could put it through! (So how was it going down the other side???)
gordon lawson

Don, I put the Natter n Noggin in my calendar for Wednesday. I'm a member of the local T-club, but haven't been to a meeting in a couple of years. Seems I'm always out of town somewhere on Wednesdays.

63,000' pass - and you did it without oxygen??? I'd say the TD did quite well ;) Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

So now the secret is finally out.....the exotic and stealthy stratosphere skimming SR-71's were actually a bunch of TD's ! :) Jim
Jim Rice only felt like 63000', more like 6300'!
Going down the hill was nice, the car loved it!
Robert Dougherty

And to think I was worried about going over to Denver and climbing a couple of 11000 ft passes.


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