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MG TD TF 1500 - Breaking in a rebuilt engine

What is the best procedure for breaking in a rebuilt engine? Oil type & weight, max RPM, etc.
Thanks, Ken

A friend of mine who owns a Brit Car Repair Shop recommends running-in a rebuilt engine at 2,000 RPM for 20 to 30 minutes. I believe he normally uses 10 W 30 oil which is changed along with the filter at 500 miles.
Jim Merz

When I rebuilt my TF 1500 (XPEG Engine)I was very diligent about making sure that oil was in all the passages, and oil pressure was at a respectable level (75 -80 PSI)on the gauge before starting the engine... I used a small electric drill mounted pump, the kind used to drain and add water to aquariums... I disconnected the oil line (item # 144 - Moss Catalog - External Engine Section)and connected some 1/4" plastic tubing from the outlet of this pump to the oil line that goes to the block... Another length of plastic tubing went from the suction side of the "drill pump" and into a can of SAE 30 Engine Oil... Since it is esentially a "new" engine, I chose to use the original recommended oil, as was used when these cars were new... With the valve cover off I pumped oil into the block until I had oil running off the rocker assembly... After taking this rig off the car, I reconnected the oil line to the fitting and oil pipe to the gauge... I then connected my plastic tubing to the oil passage way port near the car's oil pump and continued running my "drill pump" to ensure that the oil filter housing was purged of air and filled with oil... After adding the remaining engine oil, in the usual manner, through the valve cover opening... I then pulled the started, with the key in the OFF position... Within 3 seconds I had 80 PSI on the oil gauge...

The engine was then started, following te recommendations of Crane Cams as to the run-in procedure... The engine was immediately brought up to 2000 RPM and was varied between 2000 and 2500 RPM for 30 minutes... There is nothing quite like the pleasure you get to hear the car cme back to life after a complete rebuild... After that initial 30 minutes of run-in, I drained the oil and changed the filter... The "assembly lube" that was smeared all over the cam, and all the bearings, discolors the engine oil and I'm not convinced that it doesn't clog some of the flow capabilty of the oil filter element... Anyway, if there is anything in there, as far as particle contamination from the rebuild, I wanted to get it out... After draining the oil, and replacing the filter, I added new SAE 30 oil and took her for a drive... Next oil change in 500 mile, and then I prefer to change it every 2000 miles... Good Luck !!!

Cheers mate,

Rod Macleod - (TF-1500 - HDB46/6798 - XPEG # 683 "Molly")
Rod Macleod

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