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MG TD TF 1500 - Breather pipe

My TD has an after market aluminum, finned valve cover and matching side cover. The side cover does not have a breather pipe and the valve cover has an extra threaded hole in the top, which I assume is to replace the lack of breather pipe on the side cover, although the hole is very small. This threaded hole has never had anything attached and was open when I got the car.

Has anyone ever seen a configuration like this and if so, know what is supposed to be threaded into that hole. My preference is to keep the covers but I don't want to leave the open hole in the valve cover.

W Stephens

Does the valve cover have a filler cap with vent?
The hole can be atttached to the breather pipe on the air filter. Use a brass elbow screwed into the valve cover and rubber tube to the filter.

Filler cap isn't vented. Brass elbow is a good idea. I assume that it must have had something like that at some point but it disappeared before I got the car. Thanks.
W Stephens

Photo would be nice.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

I'll try to get out to take a photo but it is pretty much a threaded hole smaller than the size of a dime on the top of the valve cover not in line with the hold down studs. I wondered if it was supposed to accommodate an after market pcv valve but I can't find anything about that anywhere.
W Stephens

Sounds like a racing valve cover to me. Racing engines must have catch tanks for the valve cover and the side cover. Maybe the PO raced the car or bought the cover from a racer. Here's a picture of my engine with the catch tank hoses attached. Good luck. JL

James Lea

Jim, Really awesome motor!
George Butz


Try this company, I found one for my aftermarket cover which is slightly different from yours. Another site would be K&N.

James Neel TD28423

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