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MG TD TF 1500 - Captive nut on body tub

The rear right bolt where the chassis bolts to the tub is not tight ( about 1/4 inch gap) on my TF.

If I tighten it it just the captive nut has come adrift ( asumming it was captive in the first place).

I can see no way to access it... any suggestions ?

If I remove the inner wheel arch panel which is screwed in place will that do it ? Reluctant since I just went and painted the whole damn lot in situ...



Dave Moore

That bolt goes through the rear wood support rail to the inside of the tub, with a washer/nut on top. Been years since I have been into that part on a TF, but open the side curtain compartment up and feel for a nut in the far back corner. If not there, it is behind the corner upholstered panel. George
George Butz

Dave, I took these (very poor) photos of a previously unrestored TF1500 to use in my resurrection of TF6288. One inner shot-

Kev Simonsen - Geelong Australia

K Simonsen

and a photo from outside

K Simonsen


Two very interesting photos. Thanks. I maintain a photographic 'Technical Library' of images related to the TD and TF, and this is the first illustration that clearly demonstartes that mounting and access of those virtully hidden bolts.

Can one assume that the left side is the same?

Certainly the WSM is sadly lacking in this regard, hence my "Technical Library".

Again, many thanks.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

I've only had occasion to remove two TD tubs from frames, but in both cases I recall that carriage bolts were used in that application with the heads sunk into the rear bottom rail. Washers and nuts were on the exposed end under the frame. You might take a look at Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud, You are right about a TD- I just looked at my pre-resto TD pictures and the bolt head is on top, nut/washer on the bottom. Different than the TF pictures above. But whatever, likely Dave has a spinning nut on the inside. George
George Butz

Perhaps this may help. If you look carefully at the left hand edge you can see at the bottom where I had to drill a half hole in order to get the bolt out that secures the back panel to the rail that lies across the car. On the right hand side you can just make out the hole that the bolt goes through to fix the wooden rail to the brackets on the chassis.


A R Jones

Another view.


A R Jones

Thanks guys - aplogies have been away at a wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks, businesses and diving exams...just getting back to my other hobby now :-)

I'll start exploring the nether regions of the side screen / upholstery.

Thanks for the picks and suggestions.

Dave Moore

I am making new timbers for my TF tub at the moment. I have found that the bolt cannot be taken out of the body timber if the head is to the top once the tub is complete. Perhaps that is why the bolt head is at the bottom on later? cars.
Max Irvine

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