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MG TD TF 1500 - Car Specifications Since 1945 - Website

I stumbled across a website today that has specs for many cars manufactured since 1945. It's good enough for me to bookmark it.

From webpage:

"Welcome to the Complete Catalog of Cars produced worldwide since 1945 - hundreds of thousands cars with detailed specifications, comprehensive technical and performance data. The simulation of all cars accelerations and performance in road conditions is based on ProfessCars™ software and detailed technical parameters of each individual model.

"The huge database is not yet complete, but is constantly updated. We proceed alphabetically, now working on letter N (Nash, Nissan etc), so makes up to that letter have the highest level of completeness, already with more than 250,000 cars."

LM Cook

Nice Lonnie, Thanks for posting. PJ

It amazes me that individuals like this can do what they can. I seriously doubt the ad revenue for this barely pays for the server time.

From the About pages:

The project was founded and from the beginning funded only by me, with my private money and time. It took two years of dedicated work (done in so called spare time) before I felt that the database is good enough to be published in 2009. The only external source of funding are the ads (I really care that the ads are not too annoying) and from time to time a donation from users (Thank You to all that participated !).

Christopher Couper

Very nice, Lonnie. Thanks for sharing your discoveries.
Frank Bice

He did this in his "spare time". Wow. I am impressed
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

Pretty cool website Lonnie.

There is a nice factory photo of a TF with the hood down that I never seen before. The other one I've seen on Chris' website.

Frank Cronin

Frank -

Looks like the same pre-production TF is in all three factory photos taken on the same day in the same place. I think that I would have scrubbed the tires a little better before taking the photos!

1) "Folded Windshield" photo on the Automobile Catalog site. Click the photo to enlarge.

2) "Top up, Windshield up" photo on Chris' site

3) "Top down, Windshield down" photo on page 2 of TF Operation Manual AKD 658A and on Chris's site

As Chris pointed out, the race tires look pretty cool.

LM Cook

Enlarged photo of "Windshield Down" and "Top Up"

LM Cook

Neat find, thanks for sharing. George
George Butz

And for those who would like to take a trip down Memory Lane with American cars here is a brochure website with an amazing number and variety of factory brochures archived. I've contributed a few myself over the years. Take a look, pick your car brand off the index, you'll be amazed.
John Quilter

These are mostly American. Very little MG documents ...

This site has a treasure of American car and truck brochures, manuals, and documents.

This site for Chevrolet is part of the OldCarManualProject site. It has the best library of Chevrolet factory manuals and documents on the web.

I've been on the Chevy site for truck info so many times that I probably caused the server to crash a few times. Probably did the same to Chris Couper's MG sites, too.

LM Cook

For those of you who might visit Philadelphia sometime, the Philadelphia Free Library has one of the largest public collections of automobile ephemera (brochures, adverts, etc.) in the US. It's called "The McKean Collection" and elements from it may be viewed on request when visiting the library.

It came in handy for me back in about 1979 when I was restoring my 1959 Turner, as I'd never seen another one and basically ended up restoring it from photos, brochures and magazine articles. (I would have killed for a forum like this one back then!)
Kevin McLemore

For anyone interested in original MGTF color schemes and paint details go to:

Having visited the URL I have to make a few color changes to my engine components

55 MGTF 1500 9194
I Massey

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