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MG TD TF 1500 - Carb. Heat Shield

Just ordered this from Barrie Jones. Even though I hate to pull those carbs again, actually the PITA front air cleaner, I think it will be a worth while venture. PJ

Paul S Jennings

Hi paul
looks fine, could you name the emailadress or homepage of barrie jones?

MT Trykowski

Working in the carb area has it's benefits, it give you the opportunity to leave evidence that it's your car! The DNA and blood type left behind is quite evident! Thumbs up on marking your territory! PJ
Paul S Jennings

Paul S Jennings

I've recently done this job myself. Once the air filters are off its possible to do it by just undoing the throttle pedal connection then the four nuts that hold the two carbs in position. Gently pull the carbs forwards without placing undue strain on anything, drop the heatshield and gaskets in place and push the carbs back on. A stubby spanner makes access to those lower two nuts much easier.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Paul, do you know if Barrie makes those for TD's.

Mark Strang

No help for under bonnet heat soaking and the TD's don't have an issue with vapor lock when driving. For the properly tuned, standard TD it is a fix looking for a problem. I know Paul has a TF.

Regards, tom
tm peterson

I had a couple of extra reasons for doing it (in a TF). I used a rubber heater hose running from front to back and through the fire wall. Its less obvious than some metal plumbing running over or under the manifolds. I like that the heat shield keeps it well away from the exhaust manifold. In addition I have a couple of headlight relays attached to the bonnet side, and shielding those from direct heat seems sensible too, whether necessary or not.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I've never heard of this,,,
>>vapor lock when driving<< IMHO, Might it another way of blaming VL on some other problem??

Steve Wincze

Mark, I don't know if he makes them for a TD. Email him and I'm sure he would be glad to talk to you. Sent by airmail, shouldn't be long before I get it. I understand he donates the profits to the TT-Type-2 site, not to him. Nice. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Barrie is the TF Registrar of the MG Car Club.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Not to hijack this thread but vapor lock while driving in traffic is real; perhaps not with the MG T-series but I have experienced ii in other cars. My wife used to own an early 240Z with sidedraft carbs much like our beloved SUs (he said with a sly grin). In traffic, in a New Orleans summer, the car would vapor lock at a stop light unless you shifted into neutral and kept the revs up, which kept fuel flowing and the fan moving faster. Otherwise, you stalled out and it took threats and cajoling to get it running again.

Heat shields and electronic assist fans were considered "the fix". Unfortunately, her car rusted to nothingness before we could try either.

Charlie Duffy
Healdsburg, CA
Charles Duffy

Charlie, this thread is for TD and TF car issues..there are lots of old cars with vapor lock issues when one is disputing that. Vapor lock in properly tuned, standard configuration TD's is not an issue.
Regards, Tom
tm peterson


Understand this thread is for TD/TF issues but a couple of comments above Steve Wincze said: "I've never heard of this,,,
>>vapor lock when driving<< IMHO, Might it another way of blaming VL on some other problem??"

I'm sure Charles was just letting Steve know that it did happen.

Gene Gillam

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