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MG TD TF 1500 - Carb Modification

My carb float bowls were badly corroded after over thirty years in waiting... I tried to free the fuel lines from the float bowls.. I broke the top of the float bowl... major mistake; however, I have a few sets of Bugeye Sprite carbs, so I installed the float bowls from the Bugeye Sprites on my TD. While these float bowls look smaller in size, I was impatient to start my TD. She hasn't been started since the early seventies. I had primed the oil pump until I had oil pressure (30psi)and set the distributor close to TDC. I sprayed some gas into the carbies and she tried to start... coughing and sputtering and backfire thru the carbs. I cranked and cranked while adjusting the distributor and she came to life; not smooth at first, but after thirty seconds... very smooth. It was worth all the hard work!!! My question: How will the Sprite float bowls affect the TD in the long run? Also, since I have 30 psi oil pressure, does that necessarily mean I have proper lubrication to my connecting rods and main bearings?
Thanks for all the great help on this site... no way I could do this without all your help..

Sid Orr

Sid - What is the year of the Sprite and I"ll look up the float bowls and see if they are the same. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I think they are around 1958-1959...
They bolt from the bottom like the TD carbs. On my 1967 midget, of course, they attach differently and fuel flows from the bottom of the float bowls thru fuel lines.
Sid Orr

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