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MG TD TF 1500 - chrome plater

hey, i just found out AIH chrome in dubuque, ia. now has a string of being the plater on 5 consecutive pebble beach winning cars. to give you an idea of pricing i just took my center gauge dash panel in and they are rechroming for $70. no financial interest, they are just good people. regards, tom
tom peterson

Please post a pix when done! I'm building my new dash now and ruled out new chrome for cost. Are you doing the chrome strip around the dash as well? (Way expensive at Moss!)
Curious what I'm missing.
Ed Haskell

hello ed, that is the cost for the bead around the center dash instrument cluster. the only other part off of the TD i had done this time is the grommet from the center of the steering wheel. it was $35. regards, tom
tom peterson

Tom I am interested in a reasonable chrome platter to re-chrome my TD windshield. Can anyone give me a source and approximate cost.
R.D. Lyga

hello r.d., i have used AIH chrome in dubuque, ia for several years. i have no connection to them or any financial finders fees..nothing, nada, zip. i just like their work and as i said in an earlier post i just found out they have done the plating work on the last 5 pebble beach winners. family owned, steve is a good guy.
the only thing i can do to give you an idea of pricing is the bead on the center instrument gauge panel was $70, my rear bumper was $350 and the over riders were $150 each. the bumper and over riders were in rough shape. their number is 1-800-782-8235. you will be talking to michelle, very nice lady. regards, tom
tom peterson

I don't have much pricing to go by but my 51 TD windshield is in for rechroming I think the price is going to be around $400 for all the parts. All I know is it is $100 cheaper than the other chrome place I priced out in Tucson. Precision Plating in Tucson. FWIW. I'll let you know what kind of a job they do (and how long it takes) but from the chrome work I saw when I dropped off the parts, they seem to do nice work...
Geoff Baker

You might try West Coast Chrome in Modesto Calif. I had John do my chrome work and am very happy with the quality and price. He is locatedat 451-F Sonora Ave., Modesto,CA95351 209.544.2436 web site:
I have a list of what he did and how much I paid if you are interested.

Louis Levin

Louis, could you please send to me what you had done and how much you paid, as I am in the process of looking for a chroming place and had narrowed it done to a place in British Columbia, but would like to have a price comparison.

Thanks -- John
John Brickell

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