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MG TD TF 1500 - Chronmetric Speedometer Gone Crazy!

Hi Everybody,
Today in my 1951 TD, on the way to a rally, the speedometer needle began to oscillate wildly. At one point indicating (if the scale went that high) that I was doing about 120MPH! Later when the rally started I noticed that the odometer was not turning, however the tripmeter continued to function. When the rally ended I disconnected the speedometer cable and the speedo is now stuck on a constant 70MPH.
Any suggestions as to what went wrong, what to check first, and where best to get things fixed, would be appreciated.

Ted Jackson

The first thing to check is the address of one of the many good instrument rebuilders. Sometimes a cable can go, but if other parts of the speedo aren't working and some are, it's the instrument. Try APT in Minneapolis, Moma or Nisongeron the west coast.

Lew Palmer
Lew Palmer

I would send it to John Marks, Vintage Restorations in Tunbridge Wells UK, full address on the main site. Not inexpensive but with the pound at its lowest level in years vs the C$ not a bad deal. With John you get first class work and he stands behind it unlike MoMa with which I have had unpleasant expierences . Terry
Terry O'Brien

Ted, Give Jeff Golde a call.Check the Club listing.
George Merson

My speedometer, odometer, and trip odo. work and record fine(mgtf) but I can't reset the trip. The short reset cable turns and looks fine. Is there some gear inside the instrument that coud be stripped?

I believe that you have to either pull the reset knob out, or push it in, at the same time that you are turning the knob, in order to reset the trip meter. Since my car is not at home, and its been a while since I reset my tripmeter, I can't recall just which way it goes. Try it.
Gene Burgess

Hi there Gene:
I did some fooling around with the trip reset and the problem was just that the knurled fastener to the speedo was not completely screwed 'home' and the end of the cable was not engaging. The knob pushes in to engage and reset. Working fine now, so now I can estimate when to fill up before the blue light comes on.
Thanks, SEAMUS

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