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MG TD TF 1500 - 'Clacking' Facet Fuel Pump

What's your diagnosis or suggestions regarding the Facit 40104 fuel pump in my TF-1500? 25 gal/hr, 1.5 - 4 psi. Mounted in the original location on the frame. Pump is about two years old.

It started clacking louder and more than usual a couple of days ago. Temp was in mid 80s (F).

It always clacks when I first turn on the ignition, then settles to a muffled "tick" when fuel pressure is up. This time, it took longer for the clack to subdue. It returned again during my drive. Especially when the car was idling in stop-and-go traffic. RPM dropped a little and the engine seemed to loose a little power at idle when the clacking started. The clacking would sometimes soften if I stepped on the gas to raise the RPM to ~2000 at idle. No noticeable difference in engine power when the pump was clacking at normal driving speed.

The Facet filter (before the pump) was replaced less than 500 miles ago. Nothing came out of the old one when I tapped it.

> Blocked filter?
> Vapor lock? Haven't had vapor lock for two years.
> Bad pump?
> Replace it with a modern SU pump?

I'll be driving a couple of hundred miles next month and don't want to break down on a lonely road.


LM Cook

Sounds like it is sucking air.
David Littlefield

Yes, I agree. The Facet pump click a lot, but it gets really noisy when it's empty or has air in it.
S Maas

Thanks guys -
I'll do some new plumbing on it next week and also check to see if there is an internal leak.

LM Cook

This thread was discussed on 16/03/2016

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