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MG TD TF 1500 - Clean-out tap needed

Anyone have a source for an 8x1.0mm clean-out tap (clean-out tap is different from a regular tap)?

Thanks. Tom
t lange

I believe you are referring to a bottoming tap with a flat bottom you can use to get to the bottom of a blind hole. You may get lucky at a local full service hardware store.

or you can get a regular tap and carefully grind off part of the end. I've done that a time or 2.
l rutt

No, a clean-out tap has differently-cut threads to clean and de-burr without reducing the sharp edges of the original threads, as a normal tap will. It's quite different from a bottoming tap. Normal taps will take perhaps a half a thou off the threads in a formed hole, while a clean-out tap is perhaps a half a thou undersize, and will remove no thread material, just debris. They are made very differently.

I just can't find one!

t lange

Tom - A regular tap that has been well used, to the point of being worn worn out works well as a clean out tap, but they are just as hard to find. Something that has worked for me, after removing the 3/8 BSP threads from a fuel pump body, trying to clean the threads with a new tap, was to take said tap and work it over well with my bead blaster, removing all the sharp edges (I was still exceedingly careful when I used it again). A blaster with a more aggressive media would probably work better (at least faster). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thanks, Dave; excellent - and workmanlike! - solution. I'll mess one up today.

t lange

tom, it sounds like you have a good solution, but if not, type in "internal thread restorer" in your search engine. a $14.00 tool from JTS Machinery and Supply comes up. each tool has various dies for different thread has dies for U.S., another one has dies for various pitch metric. regards, tom
tom peterson

I have a set I bought for cleaning spark plug seats...they are different from a normal tap. Be carefull to use the right one or you will end up ruining the threads.

If anyone ever needs to clean their spark plug threads I am happy to lend them in exchange for postage cost though may be cheaper just to buy if you are in the US :-)

Dave MG TF 1500
Dave Moore

Try "Thread Chaser Tap"

Dallas C Congleton

Tom - You might also be able to find a thread chaser tap in McMaster-Carr MSC or Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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