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MG TD TF 1500 - Cleaner plastic windows

I need to clean the back and side windows on my TD. Has anybody tried the Meguiars Plast X?
Raymond Wardenaer

...i used 'Plexus' .... really worked well...even took off the yellow....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Any 'home brew' cleaners out there?

Matthew Magilton

I picked up some Meguires cleaner and some polish a while back. I'm not impressed.

I think I remember David saying he uses Pledge Furniture polish. If nothing else it would smell real good.

I used turpentine last year when everything else did not really work on screens that were several years uncleaned. It smells, so needs some time in the open after cleaning. The turpentine takes the greasy film off that otherwise is very persistent (amazingly most of it was on the inside..). Still requires some force while polishing, so a soft, non-scratching cloth is advisable. Probably petroleum (lamp oil) will work in a similar fashion.

Best Regards
Mike Fritsch

Yep...I have used Lemon Pledge for many years on mime. (since 68)
I was told a long time ago the trick is always wipe in same direction ...don';t know how "true" that is ...but works for me.
David Sheward

I use GEL GLOSS! It' sold at RV dealers and RV supply stores. Camping World for one. PJ

I've also used aircraft windshield polish.

P. Jennings


Your local Biltema shop has a product called glass polish. At 69 NOK ( approx 14 usd) it might do the trick

The Bilextra shops have a product that is supposed to make the transparent plastic shields over modern car headlights bright and shiny again. Some say it works well on both acrylic and old yellowed plexiglass, but at almost 100 USD pr bottle it sounds grossly overpriced.


Jan Kristoffersen

I came across this article:
Raymond Wardenaer

I dispute the method of polishing in that article. After many years of car, boat, and aircraft plexiglass and soft windows like in our T's a circular rubbing pattern is certain to leave circular swirl marks. It is best to make a straight line motion alternating at 90 degrees every couple of strokes.

Gord has it right, Plexus is really good stuff. It actually will fill small scratches and swirl marks. When you start to see them again it's time to re-apply. I like the microfiber towels for wiping it off. Be sure it's new or clean. I keep mine in a gallon sized ziplock bag to keep it clean. T shirts for application.

Dave Clark Arizona

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