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MG TD TF 1500 - Cleaning grease stain on stayfast hood

I have just installed a new hood on my TD and inadvertently got a small grease streak on the inside of the stayfast cloth. I have seen postings that suggest Woolite as a cleaner. Does this work for grease, or is there a better alternative?
Phil Atrill


Not tested so I can't be responsible but...

1 Pre-treat by laying it flat and covering the area with cornstarch. Leave it to sit for at least 1/2 hour to soak up some of the oil, then gently brush away the cornstarch.

2 Try soaking it with Dawn dishsoap. Use the hottest water. Leave it to soak for awhile, then gently squeeze over and over, underwater, until you are certain that it has been absolutely saturated with the soapy water. Rinse to get out most of the soap.

3 Finally, use a pre-wash spray such as Shout or Oxyboost on the spot (test in an inconspicious spot), then wash with a good spray hood cleaner.

Dave Braun

... another great product I used to use on my tan tonneau. Vanish - available only in England, works like Shout with scrubber, but is noticaably more effective.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Phill, I can vouch for the woolite approach . My car arrived Dec. 29th by open flatbed carrier. The top was covered in deisel soot and salt , road spray etc. As you know the 401 highway is a dirty place in December.Woolite and a small stiff brush ( denture brush ) took care of all of it. Where in Ontario are you located? Cheers, Keith
K. McKenzie

Thank you gentlemen.

Keith - I am in North York in the Willowdale area. And you? What are you the proud owner of?
Phil Atrill

I am in Peterborough. I grew up in North York though, Jane and Finch. I have a 52TD just finished a frame up in 2007. If I can be of any help call me, I have a few special tools and a tiney bit of Know how (most of it courtesy of the members of this most prestigious web site! ) Cheers, Keith

keithmac AT

K. McKenzie

Perhaps we'll meet at some Southern Ontario event. Nice job on the car!

Phil Atrill

Phil and Keith...

The Ontario MGT Register AGM is coming up end of the month and isn't too far from either of you...

Sunday March 29
Annual General Meeting

Dufferin County Museum
Northeast Corner of Hwy 89 and airport using airport transfers sevenoaks Rd.

Why not come out and meet some enthusiasts....?

I just might do that ,I am currently working on getting to NOTL for the Peach festival and hopefully your Vintage British Auto Exhibition. It will be about 4 hours drive , mostly on Four series highways. Love them Peaches!!
K. McKenzie

Thx Gordon. I can't find any details about the AGM on the T Register website. What time, and aside from the meeting, is there any other activity planned? Assuming the weather's decent, how many Ts might show up - it's enjoyable looking at other owner's cars.
Phil Atrill

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