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MG TD TF 1500 - Clutch Lever Position

What should the position of the clutch lever on the bell housing be?My clutch shaft and bushings in the bell housing have been replaced as have the clutch and pressure plate.Now the clutch lever rests at the 6 0'clock position which means that the lever on the oil pan has to be at 4 o'clock when the clutch rod is attached. Now there is no movement when you step on the clutch peddle.If I lenghten the clutch I think I can get the clutch to work.Is something wrong with the way the clutch shaft is fitted in the bell housing?Do I have something backwards?
Any help would be appreciated.
Tony Shoviak

Look at , go to the tech link, clutch. See diagrams and read the article. Also, search the archives under clutch- I am sure this has been discussed in detail in the past. I recall the middle relay rod is too short, possibly as a function of the new pressure plates being supplied are actually interchangable and adjusted for the MGA (?) The front pan relay lever must start about 8 o'clock for it to work.
George Butz

George is correct. When you go to the current clutch plate and pressure plate, you need to modify the length of the clutch rod (longer).
Bruce Cunha


I bought a reconditioned clutch pressure and friction plate for my TD. I had to mess around with the adjustment for ages until I could get the thing to disengage. I then found I had a tapping sound when the pedal was depressed. After dimantling the whole thing I found bright spots on the cushion springs in the friction plate at the pressure plate side. Eventually I set up the two plates, off the car, in my press and found I had to push the release bearing ring so far down, for the thing to release, that the toggle arms were touching the above mentioned springs. I then realised that the reconditioner had surface ground the the cover plate once too often and it was too thin. This was affecting the throw on the toggles. Possibly of no relevance to you but it might be.

Good Luck

Jan T
J Targosz

Good point to check Jan. I will add this to my list of things to check when I redo the clutch. Do you have the specifications of what the cover plate thickness should be?
Bruce Cunha


Sorry I don't have the original thickness but I am certain someone else will be able to help. My reconditioned unit was obtained on an exchange basis and I decided to take it personally to the supplier whilst I was on a business trip to his locale. Unfortunately I was flying there using one of the cheapo carriers. They wouldn't allow the plate to go either in the hold or the cabin so I put it in a waste bin at the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks. I hoped it would still be there when I returned later in the day but it had gone!


Jan T
Jan Targosz

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