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MG TD TF 1500 - Clutch problems TD

My clutch is working nice and smoothe 90% of the time when it suddenly once a while "bites" so the wheels wine when engaged. I have an idea that it is when it is loaded for example starting up hill but not always. What can be the reason for this? And what to do?
MM Madsen

Michael, Your flywheel surface is probably starting to get burnished with oil after all these years, causing the the clutch to grab occasionally. But before you tackle the job of resurfacing your flywheel, first check for all the easier remedies which can also contribute to your clutch grabbing, such as loose U-bolts on the rear axle, play in the tranny mount, clutch pedal adjustment, and excess play in all the clutch linkages. Hope this helps Phil
Phil Atrill

Thanks Phil. It is only my second season with car so there is a lot that works different from my 70 midget. I have noticed some steering from the rear end when I accellerate and then brake so I will look into that soon. Tranny mount? Is it gearbox mount?
Regards Michael
MM Madsen

Michael, Yes, the gearbox mounts, which can wear out or get mushy. Play special attention to the rear axle u-bolts, rubber pads and bushing, since you mentioned that you are experiencing rear alignment problems. Phil
Phil Atrill

Phil. Thanks. That is exactly what I will do. I have just replaced the bushes and pads on my Midget so it is a piece of cake to do it once more on the TD. Would you use the poly..some what, new kind of bushes on a TD or the ordinary rubber bushes?
MM Madsen

Rear end steering on acceleration and deceleration would probably point to one U bolt being loose... I could almost change lanes by taking my foot off the gas...fixed it quickly by tightening up the U bolt(s)...may(?) also have something to do with the other problem?
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I would highly suspect the rear "U" Bolts as being the culprit,,,,, Please let us know if they have actually warn into the axle housing from being loose!
Steve Wincze

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