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At a recient CT MG Club meeting, the question was asked if any one ever heard of a colapsable steering column,, one that would colapse in the event of an accident, rather than act like a deadly spear,, Has any one heard of such a column???


Not for a T-series. Most modern cars have either offsetting U-joints or some type of plastic sliding joint I think?
George Butz

A Trumph I owned in the 1980s had a section of the column formed from a tube with many diamond shaped cut outs (so it looked like expanded metal mesh). This was intended to collapse in the event of a collision. Fortunately I never tested it. Matt
Matt Davis

Some MGBs had them
Geoff Ev

T-types were designed for drivers collapsible chests, therefore no need for ditto steering column. OUchhhh! Major cause of car accident deaths in the old days when the steering wheel punched your chest and you suffered a carciac or aortic rupture. Three point belts in my TF from now on...


Jan Kristoffersen

Uh ...James Dean said it, did it ...I'mm already well beyond the point of leaving a "good looking corpse" but still "living fast" and it's too late to "die young" (again...been there done that) came back to drive the TF!
Drifting David
David Sheward

"Safety Fast" isn't just a motto, it's a rule to LIVE by!
Just remember, driving one of these cars is pretty much like riding a motorcycle...You always have to assume that you are invisible to other drivers, and stay on the defensive at all times.
E.B. Wesson

Well, I would not go as far as that they are not collapsible. They just go about 2 to 3 inches, that is if you have extended it out all the way.

It is one of the interesting things about the MG, an adjustable steering column.
Bruce Cunha

Back in the day, if you had an accident, the doctors could tell what type of vehicle you had been driving by the pattern of dents in your face left by the panel knobs / switches etc.
J Harrison

To all,
The idea of a collapsing shaft might have been a result of confusing "telescoping" section with "collapsing" section,,,When the question was asked at the meeting, I never even thought of the possiblity of confusing the two words..


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