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MG TD TF 1500 - Correct engine number?

Hi, I have a question for the mg specialists here with regards to the engine number in my car.
I have car 12555, with engine number 9795.
Looking at the engine plate I'm not confident that this is the correct number. Engine 9795 should be a TD2, but on the plate its shows XPAG TD with the 2 in smaller number and punched, not embossed as the other letters. I attach a picture of the plate.
Either someone has replaced the original engine and tried to scam by adding the 2 on the number plate, or when the MG people changed to the TD2 engine, they had some old engine plates over and added the 2 by punching.
Another doubt I have is regarding the cylinder head number which is 22952, could this be exchanged from another engine or could it be correct?
Any thoughts?
Dirk Roels

Hi Dirk

If you put your car number into this site you will find that the original engine number was XPAG/TD2/LHX1169. The record also shows the car to be an export left hand drive to North America.

Matt Davis


As Matt says, TD 12555 came from the factory with XPAG/TD2/LHX1169 according to the T-Register website. I'm not sure what the extra letters in the original engine number means. On Feb 12, 1952 they seemed to have dropped the LHX prefix, some of the cars have it and some don't.

By the description of your engine and the punched in '2', (the TD2 engine with the larger clutch started at 9408) your tag may have been modified, either at the factory or by a subsequent action. Can you still read the number stamped in the block just above the tag? It may be quite faint.

The head number is consistant with the banana head block used in the engine that would be on your car, both by engine number and s/n of the car.

I hope this helps,
Dave Braun

Hello Dirk,

I too have another engine in the car as original. Last week I stripped the engine out of the car for renewing. When I removed the paint above the brass plate I found the same number as on the plate.

The number 22952 is on each cylinderhead. It is the cast number!

Gre aus Deutschland nach Belgien


Harthof Klaus

The punched in 2 is original on many TD's, mine is engine #11249 with the punched in 2. George
George Butz

This is the picture, it somehow did not load up.

Dirk Roels

Try entering my TD- #10835 and see what engine number comes up. For many of the TD records, the last digit of the engine # is missing. Mine is 11249, with the 9 not showing up. I think Don Harmer or someone pointed this error out a few years ago. So the original engine in TD 12555 is 1169x, but not 9795. I think! No matter, it is a "TD2"engine- with the larger flyweel and clutch. George
George Butz

LHX stands for Left Hand drive, eXport. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thanks, Dave. But why on the engine and not on the chassis number, or the EXLNA used after TD 7780?

Dave Braun

Dave - "But why on the engine and not on the chassis number"

I thought I had seen it in The T Series Handbook, but i am not able to find it right now. I do know that it is not unusual to see LHX in the engine number on the Makers plate. Having been the Membership Chairman for more years than I care to remember for our local 'T' Register, I see that quite often. Just looking through the car numbers on our membership list there are somewhere between 50 and 100 in a membership list that is over 400 (not all current members). It seems to appear mostly on XPAG/TD engine numbers but there are a fair number on XPAG/TD2 engine numbers. Perhaps some of our more avid historians can shed some light on this.
Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thanks to you all for your comments.
Summary, it might not be the original engine, but it is a TD2 engine with larger flywheel and clutch.

Dirk Roels

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