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MG TD TF 1500 - Covering up wiper holes

Hi all.

I am fitting just aeroscreens to my TF project,but the new owner can,if they want to fit the windscreen & surround and wipers.
Your suggestions are needed for blanking off the wiper holes on the scuttle panel?
Have you done it,seen it done?
What will look ok?

Cheers Dave

You could possibley use chromed snap in plugs,,,,or depending on the finish color of the car,, maybe black plastic snap in plugs,,,,

Thanks for the editting feature on posting here!!
How about using the snap in plugsmentioned above,, but insert an MG emblem tie tack or stick pin,,,(hat pin)


Here is a picture of a pin that I put on my bonnet prop

They can be found in different colors,,,,



Problem being its an oval hole so its long and narrow!
Think I may of sussed it though,just waiting on an Email to confirm my idea!

Hey Dave!

Perfect ...with the screens down, these can be used to clean bugs off your teeth! LOL


David Sheward

Aero-screens now fitted,chrome screw on 30mmdia blanking covers en-route for the wiper holes.


looks like the Tf has come a loooong way from your logo picture !!!


Its now VERY close to being finished!
Maiden voyage is planned for this weekend,weather permitting!


Ive just got to bolt on the bumpers,front grille and bonnet + a few minor bits to finish off.
Grille surround and bonnet hinge due back from chrome tomorrow.
Underdash panel will be fitted once ive done a road test or 3 and all the electrics prove to be ok!
It was bought on 19,March 2012,and delivered to my house on the 24 march 2012,so almost exactly 1 year as I had planned!


We expect a YouTube video of maiden voyage!
Well Done ....Looking good!
David Sheward

Dave, The car looks great - congratulations on accomplishing so much in one year.

Take a look at the following link:

It appears as though oblong hole plugs are not uncommon. I suggest you figure the dimensions needed and inquire if they can sample you two pieces (or purchase).

Rick Walsh

R.T. Walsh

With my neighbour as cameraman,I will be doing a video of when it emerges from the garage and sets off on its 1st drive.

I have a 5 mile rural route I use when test driving after repairs,and this time my neighbour will follow me,just incase!!

Have sorted out the wiper holes,just waiting on the 30mm round chrome covers to arrive.

Tonneau is delayed due to the maker being busy!
Its been in the system for 5wks,and they state 4-6wks,so shouldnt be long!

Ive yet to add up the cost,but I think its come in just within my overall budget!! Allowing for 10% as a contingency,or extra's!

Don't mean to offend in any way ...but, 1st run equipment should include a fire extinguisher!
David Sheward

Nice Dave, very nice.
Like the colour scheme.
Don't forget a bottle of bubbley for after the inaugural voyage and toast your success.
Hope the weather holds up and good luck.

TD Hall

I think you should just put the wiper grommets in the openings in reverse and use them as the jet vents for the NOS system. :-) Or maybe run some windscreen washers in there. Just kidding. Is this going to be a keeper or a seller?
L E D LaVerne

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