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MG TD TF 1500 - Crane Ignition

Does anyone have thoughts/comments on the Crane Ignition systems? One came on my ' 52 TD and I'm wondering if they're worth the upgrade over points.

Many thanks,
David Plantz

I installed the Crane system several years ago. Absolutley amazing difference in running- smoother idle, easier starting, no fiddling with anything ever- just drive and enjoy. Points are the best they will be when just installed. As the rubbing block wears and the contacts burn, timing changes, etc. The Crane pickup mechanism pretty much eliminates any timing fluctuation due to bushing wear or other slop in the distributor. If you are a total originality freak and have nothing better to do than adjust your points, change them on the roadside when the rubbing block breaks off, etc., go for the points. Just my opinion. George
George Butz

Dave, --- I bought and installed a Crane Ignition on my TD a few years ago. I felt the Crane supplied bracket that held the sensor was pretty flimsy, so I fabricated a steel block to hold the sensor. Took two try's to get the phasing correct but after that it gave very good performance. I am now running a pertronix in the TD for other reasons and think it works just as well and it's a lot easier to install.
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

I a pertonics ignition already for years and no problems with ignition for several years. Pertonics doesn't use ignition points just a magnetic sensor.
JTM Mekes

I also run a Pertronix. Easy install and hard to tell from orginial equipment. (Only "give-away" is 2 wires to dizzy instead of one). I "hid" the wires in some black wire loom. Better starting and no points to mess with.
Bud has a nice piece on it here:

David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

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