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MG TD TF 1500 - Crankshaft Dognut Shims

A hairline crack has shown up in my TD's crankshaft pulley, so I'm going to replace it. However, I can't seem to find any information regarding the criteria for
selecting the number of shims that go between the washer and the nut. The Workshop Manual (Sec A.19) merely says, "...replace the starting handle dog nut, not forgetting to replace the shims beneath it so that the dogs are in the correct position for easy cranking of the engine."

Can anyone expand a bit on that? Thanks.

Bud Krueger
Bud Krueger

So that the starter handle is orientated at 12 when the engine is at tdc maybe, so when you try and start using such a handle, you are pushing the engine instead of pulling at it, which might cause an injury. Maybe we should all Measure the lugs at TDC?

Shouldn't the dog be set so the crank on the handle points to 9 o'clock so that you can pull the engine over compression.

Can remember reading motoring books as a boy which showed you how to crank an engine. The important point was to keep your thumb under the handle.

The handle is missing from my car and I will probably have to make one up eventually. Can someone give me the dimensions and the orientation of the dog pin to the handle.

Jan T
Jan Targosz

You want the cranking handle to be at about 7 o'clock where the engine tends to stop. The only real force you can apply is a lifting moment which is most effective from 7 to 10 o'clock. Always put your thumb OVER the crank handle so that in the event of a backfire the handle will slip out of your hand rather than catching your thumb and dislocating it. I find the best technique for starting is to turn on the ingnition until the fuel pump stops, turn off the ingnition, set the choke to the appropriate opening for the weather conditions and the state of engine warmth, pull the crank through one revolution, turn the ingnition on and pull up smartly on the crank handle. If the engine is properly tuned, it should start on the first ingnition on pull.
George B.

The idea of using the shims to assure that a compression stroke is beginning when the crank handle is somewhat past its lowest point (about 7 o'clock) makes sense. Think I'll go and measure the pitch of the threads on the dognut to see how much shimming it would take to rotate it by 90 degrees (worst case). I'll let you know.
Bud Krueger

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