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MG TD TF 1500 - Crankshaft Pulley

Crankshaft pulley has one the rim closest to the engine two flat surfaces opposite each other. Is this how the pulley should be or has it been tampered with?

Also, is there anything unique I should know before I assemble this part onto the engine? Torque of crankshaft bolt, whether shim is required or optional (as Moss shows in catalog), other??

Michael Derrick

My crankshaft pulley does not have any "flat" spots on it. The inner rim does have a notch that indicates the timing is at TDC, when it lines up with the pointer on the timing chain cover. If the "flat" spots are not too large, I would not worry about it. A picture of the flat spots would help in deciding if the flats might interfere with the fan belt. Does your pulley have the notch in the inner rim?

George Raham [TD4224]

Yes, there is a notch, a squared "U" shape. The flat portions look factory made. I'll figure out how to take a picture of the pulley and post it here.
Michael Derrick

Can you post a picture if it?? I can not understand where the flat spots are.... Are they 180 degrees apart?? Are they on the outside edge of the pulley??

Here is a photo of the pulley. The notch and the flat spot are visible. There is another flat spot opposite.

Michael Derrick

The photo is a little fuzzy. In the photo, the notch is plainly visible. The flat almost looks like a chunk was broken off the flange. I had a similar break on the pully of my 1936 MG-TA. No flat spots on my 1952 MG-TD.
John Masters

Yes, my photography skills are not what they could be. The flat is identical 180 degrees opposite, so it's not a broken chunk.
Michael Derrick

Looks like a chunk was broken off. Two ways to break the pulley: use screwdrivers to pry it off, and remove the right lower timing cover bolt before removing the pulley. Both methods work nicely-I know for sure! The shims are to position the nut so when the hand crank is engaged it is in the proper position to pull against the compression stroke. Obviously not important. Perhaps they broke a piece, then removed similar amount on the opposite side to balance? It is suppose to be round. George
George Butz

From the picture, I would say that someone has tried to pry the pulley off the crankshaft and the flange being a casting, has broken under the pressure. That the two flats are opposite each other would indicate that two prys were used. You would have to decide if the fan belt would be damaged if the pulley were used. The flats are definitly not factory. I'm glad you did not lose the timing notch.

George Raham [TD4224]

Michael - In addition to what the others have stated, look closely (as under a strong light and with some magnification) for any sign of cracking of the portion of the pulley that goes over the crankshaft extension, the area that rides in the seal area. Any crack in that area, regardless of how tight it is, is reason to get a replacement pulley as the crack will destroy the seal. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

See for the type of crack that Dave refers to. Bud
Bud Krueger

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