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MG TD TF 1500 - Curiosity...

Could this be a "change of mind" or perhaps an attempt at a fa$t turn-around re$ale?
I noticed that '52TD2LH15387 sold on eBay(item#4642077174)for $15K on 28 May'06. Unless it was trailered from Palm Springs,CA, it remains at 30754 mileage, reappearing in Blacklick, OHIO!!
It is currently item #190004690423 [for 10 July 06 end time]and using 18 of the original 21 photos presented from the prior listing ... even the copy is lifted from the original ad!--except adding "disirable" "imperferctions" as "Sanata Barbara" and "concourse" that a spell check would remedy, deleting 'suicide doors'.
Hope it wasn't a change of heart! To be fair, I hadn't yet written to "taffcars", the winning-bidder-and-now-seller for response, just curious if others noticed?!

'52TD (c)16000
Vincent Louie

Must be repeat week on ebay.... Item number: 190003511029 is also back for another time....
gordon lawson - TD 27667

This is the answer I got from "seller".

"I buy and sell cars to support my british car collection and project collection currently stands at 6 need to be concerned this is a very good car.
I have a 50 Riley RMD, 55 mgtf1500, 69 MGBGT,
46 Triumph TR18(next restoration project),72 Triumph TR6, 71 XKE V12. Hope this helps answer your question."

Rather honest answer I thought.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

If anyone on the BBS is serious "Blacklick" is very close to me. Not an "expert" but do feel I know enough to give it the once over if someone is very serious.
Know more about the TF than TD though.
David 55 TF1500 #7427

No, due to health reasons (24hr oxygen) I have to get rid of my 1952 MGTD11547 pics of which are available at look under 'classifieds-hotrod and classics- and my add is the first one with a link to many pics.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

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