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MG TD TF 1500 - Dad wants me to stop Petrol Sniffing!

Like the title says... (disclaimer - I am NOT ozzie aboriginal)

Dad took the TF out to the golf club, said my carbs were losing too much fuel out the wrong end. ergo Driver's fuel consumption too high.

As far as I was concerned, the engine's not complaining - the plugs keep clean, needs choke to start from cold. Runs beautifully.

Carb bodies are a bit damp but. And the side louvres have some petrol staining.

What's the best fix, gents?

-DIY rebuild with new seals kit?

-get the SUs reconditioned by a pro?

-get some better filtering for the pancakes?

-how/where do I get my next hit from?? :P


I have just fitted Grose-Jets (from Moss) to reduce the risk of flooding. One less thing to go wrong.

Article from Jaguar Club of N America.


The use of Grose-Jet float valves has done more to improve the reliability of SU carbs than any other single improvement that I am aware of. The double ball design meters well and shuts off tight. The balls rotate in the flow stream so wear patterns are minimized. The balls are retained so they don't fall out on disassembly of the float lid. The only problem I have ever encountered is that the seating ball will stick shut if left sitting with stale fuel in it for 6 months to a year. But that's not the only place stale fuel causes problems. Petroleum refiners never intended for gasoline to stay in inventory over 90 days. Gasoline in your tank for long periods is not a particular problem. It's when it sits in cracks and crevices in fuel pumps and carburetors for 6 months or more that it causes problems. Gum will coat the jet needle and varnish will set up around the jet and fuel pump valves almost like an epoxy. Disassembly and cleaning with a commercial carb cleaner is about the only cure other than avoiding the stale fuel problem by driving your car every few weeks.

John James

I have done as James above quotes, years ago. Also, changing the different cork gaskets in the carbs is not that difficult, unlike what people say, and that will cure the problem of leaks.

1950 MG
Denis L. Baggi

Sounds like I'll have to check out these Grouse jets ;) and stock up on cork, age them a bit in oil whilst I bone up with the Haynes manual.

Thanks again, gents.

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