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MG TD TF 1500 - Dash Center Piece Question

My car was originally red with and I'm assuming a red dash, have any of you guys ever seen a center piece in black vinyl as this one is? I've looked it over very carefully and because the instrument trim rings look like they have never been touched, as the tabs on the back look like they've never been bent to remove them, do you think it's original? It probably would look at home with a red dash. Other than a small defect in the passenger seat, the upholstery in this car is in excellent shape and appears to have been in there for a very long time. What do you think? PJ

Paul Jennings

My TF has an original black center instrument dash but it is painted satin black. The rest of my dash is the green that matches the uphostery. The vinyl looks suspicious. The backside might have overspray from the original color. Mike D.
MW Davis

I was under the impresion that all TF dash centers were bronze, same as the steering wheel hub.
Am I wrong here?
David Sheward

I'm with Dave here...and I think that Clausinger "Origional T Series" agrees. I think that all TD's as well as TF's had bronze center panels.
Steven Tobias

I agree, TF center panel is the bronze.

Don Harmer TF8986

My TF dash is black vinyl cloth covered and the centerpiece is painted crackle finish black. Instruments really stand out & looks great with red seats & panels and black tonneau. Wheel is 4 spoke cherry with ivory MG center.

The center panel should be bronze to match the steering wheel hub. The original color is very hard to match. I haven't found a rattle can yet that matches exactly. The Moss color is definitely too light as compared to original. The closest color I have seen in on a Honda CRV dark bronze.

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

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