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MG TD TF 1500 - Dash lights

Moss replacement dash lights are only 2.2 watts and I need to light a match to see if they are lit ;)
Any resources for a higher wattage screw base 12 volt dash light available?
Best regards

My replacements from Moss are quite bright (that is considering older British lighting ranges from dark to quite dim :-) Dim lighting can be caused by a poor ground behind the dash.


L Karpman

2.2 watt is the correct size for the dash lights. Check that you have good connection and a good ground to the dash and each light socket and that the dimmer rheostat is (if you car has one - the switch if not) is in good condition. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I stripped my rheostat and cleaned the coil really well.... I also took the speedometer and tach apart and painted the inside of the shell bright white.. seems to have helped the light output (although, I have never had to 'turn' them down!!!!) They still have whatever bulb was in them in '78 when put away!

Inspect the bulbs for a coating on the inside of the glass. This is vaporized filament wire. It is supprising how much the light output can be reduced by this coating.
Good L:uck,



BINGO...found 8 watt bulbs advertised in the August issue of the "BRITISH MARQUE" , will let you know how it turns out.
Many thanks, Daniel

Using 8 Watt bulbs in the dash means 2 Amps for the three bulbs. You only have 19 from the generator, With the headlights on you may not have enough left. ( Plus over 3 times the heat from each) bulb)
It may not work out well.

Don Harmer

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