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MG TD TF 1500 - Dash wiring; Mystery green wire

I have an early 1951 TD. I installed a new Moss wiring harness. I also had a new wiring harness installed on my new dash. There were two solid green wires from the Moss harness which appear to go to the dash: one with a ring terminal and one with no terminal. The green wire with the terminal, I connected to the petrol warning light (17). I intend to connect the other end of this wire to terminal A4 of the 9 pin voltage regulator.
I was not able to determine where to connect the other solid green wire without any terminal from the Moss wiring harness to the dash. With a contuity tester, I was able to determine that the other end of this solid green wire without a terminal also terminated near the 9 pin voltage regulator. Any thoughts on where to connect tnis second solid green wire on the Moss harness to the dash? And where does the other end of this wire go?
M E Babirak

According to the wiring diagram for your car BOTH green wires go to A4. One goes to the petrol warning light, and the other supplies power to the brake lamp switch under the car behind the master cylinder.


L Karpman

Oops. Forgot about the green wire to the direction indicator switch and flasher unit if you have added directionals.

L Karpman

Thanks for your comment Larry. The green wire in question goes from the dash to the voltage regulator. I was particulary concerned about where to connect the green wire to the dash.
M E Babirak

Yes, A4 is on your 9 terminal regulator. All green wires start there. There are only three places the other ends can go. One is to the low fuel light, one is to the brake light switch, and the third (only if you have added turn signals) goes to a Lucas connector which splits it, with one end of the wire going to the turn signal switch under the dash, and the other to the flasher relay.

If you have already connected the fuel low light and the brake light switch with green wires from A4, and you have no turn signals, then the third wire is extra.

L Karpman

Milt - If turn signals haven't been added to your car, just fold back each end of the unused green wire and put some shrink sleeving over each folded end, then put a label on on or both ends of the wire that says SPARE. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Milton, this is just food for thought as my car is a late TD, but as I remember the harness I got from Moss had an "extra" wire in the harness. It ran through the bulkhead from the fuse panel into the dash area, but had no terminal on either end. I determined it to be for the windshield wiper motor. As I remember it was light green. The wire received power from the fuse panel, then was connected under the dash to the end of one of the two wires with the gray sleeve that go back out through the cowl to the wiper motor. The switch is on the wiper motor.
Disregard if this doesn't apply.
D C Congleton

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