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MG TD TF 1500 - Dashboard and dials set up for TF.

Hi all.

Some of you will know ive been restoring a 1954 TF1500,that was unfortunately missing its engine.
I have fitted a 1974 MG midget 1500tc "Triumph" engine and g/box as it has the same basic look,and layout.
Yes I know its not the best engine in the world,but its rebuilt and runs sweet with its custom made s/s exhaust and radiator.

As I had to make a dashboard with dials to suit the engine and gearbox,I was trying to make it at least look the part.
I had to use the 1974 MG Midgets speedo and rev counter for near correct calibration.


After a long 10 month hunt,I finally found a very suitable 3 in 1 gauge with, oil, amps, water to do the job.
Switches etc will all be in the correct place,and as I couldnt utilise the original dash panel,I made it out of thick wood veneer.
Also the chrome trim surrounding the original dash will fit perfect.
Was a case of measure LOADS and drill,cut,trim once,and a bit of sweat!!!!



Good job! Looks very nice...
Mounting holes look large, are you going to use special mounting bolts and washers? (Or are those the stock size for a TF?)
E.B. Wesson

Hi Edward.

I didnt want to try and cut the D shaped holes for the light,panel,etc switches in the wood,so did them all the same size as was needed for the choke/start knobs.
Knobs will fit ok without extra fittings.

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