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MG TD TF 1500 - Dashboard Installation

What would be correct sequence for TF dashboard installation?
1.Complete assembly of the dashboard with instrument cluster, switches, light, glove boxes, etc then install it as a complete unit on the car and wire it.


2.Install the dashboard with the glove boxes but without the instrument cluster. Once the dashboard with glove boxes are installed then install the instrument cluster and wire them.

I will appreciate and welcome all advice.

Thank you
B Gruzman

the length of wire behind the panel may determine your course of action. if i remember correctly i liked hooking everything up then installing the panel..but it has been awhile and i maybe confusing it with a few aircraft instrument panels i have done more recently. regards, tom
tm peterson

A TF panel with aircraft instruments? Now that would cause some head-scratching at a car show! Of course the glove box would need to have the leather flying helmet and goggles.

M Magilton

reference the installation of TD dash:

1. install gauges and switches etc on dash
2. hopefully you have left enough slack in wiring to connect as much as possible with the dash in your lap
3. now fit dash
4. add glove box

not sure if this will work for your TF
R W Hinton

I may have cheated a bit.
I assembled the dash, switch panel and instrument and instrument cluster. cluster
I pre-wired the dash using a commercial harness.
I installed short wire stubs with bullet connectors at the points where the leads from the main harness should go.
I added bullets to the main harness leads.
I installed dash ad simply plunged the leads together with couplers.

this is on a TD.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

I believe I assembled the complete dash board including the glove boxes. Then wired it with the panel laying face down..I don't recall what I used to hold it up...bucket with towels for protection? I then offered the whole mess up to the cowl.

Just as a warning. Mount your windshield before you put in the dash. You can't get to the ends of the screws otherwise.. and the kick panels need to be in place as well. Same for the windscreen wiper assembly.

I've been needing to replace the glass on mine for a number of years due to a rock incident but keep putting it off due to the process needed to get the frame off.

MG LaVerne

Everybody thank you for help:). Now I have a game plan.

B Gruzman

A note I did when taking it apart to remind me the sequence to put the tub interior / dash back together.

Frank Cronin

Hi Boris, I should have looked at my info earlier, but you have gotten what you need for the job. You can take a look at my (flawed) process at <> a bit more than half way down for the dash work. I tried to wire up the small gauge panel and put in into the dash after I'd bolted the dash in place. I said, there:
"The finished small panel won't go into the hole in the dash for it when the dash is bolted up. So, unbolt it (again) and let it hang down, slide the panel in and get the 6 mounting studs thru their holes, and then try to get the small nuts on them, and tight. When we worked on motorcycles we often said, "we don't have little yellow fingers like the Japanese who built the bike". Well, I don't expect the Brits had little fingers but maybe theirs were thinner and more flexible than mine.
good luck,
54 TF "Emma"
A W Parker

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