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MG TD TF 1500 - Desktop photo...

My new desktop photo....
gordon lawson

Hmmmmm. That TD has the same set of three switches outboard the speedo that I remember seeing on someones actual one recently (and I've never seen elsewhere).

John Redman

Hmmmmm.... gee, amazing coincidence?
gordon lawson

A couple of weeks ago I bought this ad from a seller on eBay. I gave it to a fellow TD'er, Paul Hinchcliffe, who has an early TD that looks just like the one in the ad. I don't seem to recall that bank of switches. Could it be that you've done some more of your computer magic?
Bud Krueger

I wonder how much the coke model (sic) has managed to scratch the paint on the wing. Least he could have done was to put his shoe on the runners.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

Gordon, How long did you think that it would take?

John Redman

Hehe... i knew i couldn't get anything past the "estute" members of this forum...
(my next posting was going to be... "this proves that mine is stock and yours isn't...nahnah...!!!!!)
Darn... will have to think of something else...hmmm... Lucas backup light....hmmmm
gordon lawson TD 27667

I thought that those switches were installed as a sequential start system for an early anti theft unit.Note ; If you sequence them wrong you get an instant prong springing up from the lower seat squab. Commonly known as an instant pain in the A@#$%^&*().
Sandy Sanders
conrad sanders

Conrad - All T seried cars came with a sequential start system. Turn the key on, "pull" the starter, release the hand brake. It's the last part of the sequence that is a real ball buster for Yank, would be car thieves. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Well, if you turn the top one on (left driving lamp) and the middle one on (fog lamp), and flip the lower one either way (turn signals), the amp meter gets a good work out!!!!!!
gordon lawson - TD 27667

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