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MG TD TF 1500 - Dick Jacobs MG TD

Hello Gents. Does anyone know the location of the above? I believe it was restored 6 or 7 years ago (maybe longer) and last I heard it was owned by Dick's daughter. I understand one of the other TDs from the 1950 TT also still exists? Is that correct?
Marc H

I am reactivating this thread because I have this picture that is supposed to be a Dick Jacobs TD special but cannot find any information on it on the net.

Christopher Couper

Additional picture

Christopher Couper

Hi all,

As the owner of one of the other TDs from the 1950 TT I would be very interested to find the whereabouts of FRX 941. The car was indeed restored by Dick Jacobs daughter and husband c. 15 years ago. It appeared in one of the year 2000 editions of MG Enthusiast magazine.

My searches thus far have proved fruitless. I can see from the web that the car is insured and (I presume) in the UK. The guys at the 'T-Register' seem to think the car was last sold at auction. The DVLA here in the UK were sympathetic to my request for current owners details but would not release them to me.

The 3rd car in the team, driven by Ted Lund is thought to have lost its original engine and has been in Australia for the last 25+ years.

If anyone out there has any info I would be most grateful. Either posted on here or contact me at


I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone on this forum a very happy New Year.

M Spencer

Apparently the car registered XNO2 was a fibreglass special built to customers order by Dick Jacob's "Mill Garage". It is depicted on page 105 and 124 of the "MG Experience" book written by Dick.
Malcolm Green mentions the car in an article on Dick Jacobs in the August 2010 issue of "Enjoying MG" as follows: "Dick's special building career had moved on somewhat and now he was constructing cars for customers. Mill Garage had started advertising that they could supply fibreglass bodies produced by R.G.S Automobile Components of Winkfield, Berkshire fitted to MG chassis. In December 1953 "Autosport" ran a feature on an open two-seater they had constructed for a customer. This car was built on a standard TD midget chassis and the fibreglass panels of the body were fixed to a sub-frame built from steel tubes. The front panels hinged forwards, much as with the later Triumph Spitfire, and the promise was of increased performance, because of lower wind resistance and reduced weight."
Hope this is of use...

Nick (TD3232)
Nick Herwegh

Thanks Niek. Very helpful. I will add it to my variants list and include your comments.
Christopher Couper

How many of these cars still exist and are their whereabouts known? Sorry if I missed it earlier. PJ
Paul S Jennings

I forgot to add, are there any bodies left? PJ
Paul S Jennings

Sorry, but I can't help you with the whereabouts of FRX941.
I've included a photo of the car though so we can see what you're hoping to find. More photos of the car can be found in the book "MG T Series in Detail" by Paddy Willmer. (Who claims FRX941 had chassis number 2237).

To all members of this forum: a Happy New Year from the Netherlands !

Nick (TD3232)

Nick Herwegh

I just couldn't resist to add this's from the Motor Sport Magazine of May 1974.

However, I don't know of this is of any help...

Happy New Year!


JL Nederhoed TD3966

pic # 2

JL Nederhoed TD3966

pic # 3

JL Nederhoed TD3966

There is some interesting information about RGS Automobile Components on the net:

Nick (TD3232)
Nick Herwegh

Talking about MG TD's with fibreglass bodies; this is my favourite:

Hope the link works...
Nick (TD3232)
Nick Herwegh

Apologies for hijacking your thread, (Y type owner) but I am pleased to report that Dick Jacobs Y special XNO 1 is very much alive and well. Seen at the VSCC Pembrey (west Wales U.K.) Welsh Speed weekend in June 2014.
It is fitted with a TF engine plus a few other goodies and did quite well (2nd I think) in the Hawthorne International Trophy race. The owner, Stuart Deans, told me that it is regularly raced and is still quite competetive, it certainly looked the part, regularly lifting front nearside wheel coming out of Hatchets hairpin!

Best regards to you all and a happy New Year

D P Jones

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