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MG TD TF 1500 - Did a YB use a TD Engine?

Did a YB use a TD Engine?

Would it have the same octagonal engine plate like the TD?

According to Neil Cairns info, yes. He states the YB came out in '52, at engine # SC2/17383, which was the single carb XPAG engine. I couldn't copy/paste from the pdf I have of that, but it is on pg. 23 of "Engines for MG's- their story after 1935". I think you can google it and find it online somewhere. George
George Butz

Vince - The X series engine cam into being in the Morris in 1935 and the XPAG version came into being at the time of the TB and was used in numerous cars, not all of which were MGs. It was used in all the Y type cars, YA, YB and YT, as well as in the early Magnettes and the Wolseley. The book that George references was available for download some years ago. You could contact Neil Cairns (through the Y Type Register to see if it still is. Neil also has a booklet, Living with the XPAG The Morris 'X' series Engine that is available from Brit Books under catalog #MG 710. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I have a .pdf of Cairns' book on my computer. Here is a copy/paste of another paragraph:

17) For the more powerful midget TD Mk2 the engine had its waterways improved to help cooling. Whilst the TD Mk2 had both the new head and block, the normal TD and YB had to use up existing stocks. The new items are termed 'round-hole' blocks or heads, and carry
casting numbers for the head of 168422 head and 168421 block. There is no octagon cast into these blocks, as they were also used on the Wolseley 4/44, and have an extra boss for the 4/44 dipstick. This was un-drilled on the M.G. 'oval hole' heads are casting number 22952, and M.G. XPAG oval hole blocks are 24146 and 24445 with octagons. (See casting number
identity for more.) The round hole cylinder blocks were now being fed onto the production
line, the oval hole ones all used up. Alas there were still lots of oval hole heads left.
At SC2/17463 and TD2/17969 the round hole block was fitted to the YB and TD, note how the TD numbers are now ahead of the YB, the TD was selling rather well. With an oval hole head and a round hole block, or visa-versa, an oval hole head gasket must be used, part number X24481. Round hole head gasket is part number 168423. See also item 21 below.
Dallas C Congleton

Contact me offlist and I'll email you a copy of the pdf file.

Gene Gillam
George Butz

Great detail in the above. No, not a TD engine, but parallel developed XPAG I guess would be a better description?
George Butz

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