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MG TD TF 1500 - Diff upgrade

Hi all,
I would like to update the diff on my 1953 mg td to a 4.3:1 or there abouts.I would like to change only the crown and pinion so as to keep the car close to authentic as possible.I know the MGA is suitable but what other makes of car may be suitable as the MGA crown and pinion are hard to come by down here in Australia. Has anyone else been down this path ?
PC Clinton

I did a quick Archive search,,, there are a few "B" Diff's and complete "B" rear ends that have been used,,,


Contact one of the following, they both do conversions here in the states.

Butch Taras:
Dave Clark:
Jim Neel 53TD28423

eBay sellers have listed mag pumpkins ..just need one to post the essentials to you down the weight of the parts you don't need. Regards, Tom
tom peterson

You will need from the MGA banjo, ring gear with attaching bolts and locking tabs. The pinion, spacer under the pinion head, spacer that goes between the inner and outer bearings, the flange that attaches to the drive shaft and the nut and lock washer. Both the spacers will need to be ground to get the correct dimensions.

Butch Taras
Glendale, CA. USA
R Taras

Hi Guy's
thanks for your help and ideas
PC Clinton

Hi, PC.
Back in 2002 I purchased a TD, NOS crown and pinion from Heritage MG in Sydney and they had more stock.
I know its a long shot but may be worth a try, it was simple replacement of original.
Heritage MG
their part number 090275 branded C& J
> 97 - 103 Victoria Street
> Smithfield
> New South Wales
> Australia 2164
> Phone 61 2 96093988
Regards Gordon W
Gordon Wright

Dave Clark will send you a rebuilt axle assembly, with the new ratio installed...You just send your old assembly back, and get credit for it....
Typical re-worked axle is in the $1500 range, but he then credits your old axle....Anyway, your replacement is like new. Several people on both MG forums have used his axles, and were very pleased . He offers more than one ratio choice.
Edward Wesson 52TD

There is a 4.3 set on ebay now. Not me, but I just noticed it.
I bought my gear set this way and had a good outcome. Dave Clark did the work for me. Fabulous job!!

'54 TF
T Norby

Gee, thanks for the kind words fellows. I have shipped a conversion to Germany so it can be done. A number of half shafts have been sent out of the USA. I guess I'm truly international ha ha

Dave Clark Arizona

Just as a matter of interest,how much was the shipping to Germany?
Declan Burns

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