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I know it is the archives but I could not find it.
Who is making quality caps and rotors for the XPAG ignition systems.
I have a friend with a 52 TD with two new caps that both fail when the engine temperature reaches 185 degrees. He has a broken old cap with pieces missing and it works fine at all temperatures.
Both caps were purchaed from different suppliers.


Try Jeff at Advanced Distributors.

James Neel TD28423

The caps Kip Motors has are either usually Lucas NOS or of their own manufacture. I got a rotor from them a few years back that is still working fine- when all of the ones were failing and before the new good red ones came out. Ebay usually has NOS Lucas or Brovex or some of the good old caps on there. George
George Butz

George. Thanks for the answer.. I did check with KIP and they expect $92.00 plud for the cap. That is a bit too much.
Somewhere there is a part num,ber for a cap from a tractor supply company.

Sandy, English, I believe their in Atlanta has Lucas caps at $30.00 ea. $14.95 off their regular price. I don't know about the rotors, or which ones they have. PJ
Paul Jennings

Sandy, that is a lot! I never found the legendary tractor cap- I spent a long time a couple years ago trying to cross-reference without luck. Paul, if you click on the same cap on their site from the TD page, it says "County" is the manufacturer, which is likely the same cap from Moss. It may be worth a call however.
George Butz

Thank you George.
My friend is calling them now as I write. According to their ad it states that the rotors have a rivet and to me that could be a problem. For that part they do not say the manufacturer,

They had two left in Atlanta and my friend purchased one of them.
Thanks again.

Hi Sandy
As you are aware I'm sure there was a batch some of us got that were made so that the rivit broke the plactic and renders the rotor no good. I think he has gotten rid of all of them and is now on a better Mft source. I live about 5 miles from there and visit about once a week. If you need nelp I can be there
It's old Atlanta Imports to us here. I think he has a better cap now also

Ellis Carlton

Hi Sandy,

Re rotor, whatever you do don't use a rotor with a rivet! See Archives, I use s/h Lucas ones, although I gather the new 'red' ones are fine.

The $30 English Parts dist. caps seem a good price over there. I can usually buy NOS Lucas caps over here for around £15-18.


J C Mitchell

I think it would be of interest to see if the "Tractor" issue is real or fable. I live in Wisconsin and there are a ton of old tractors, and old tractor parts stores here. If anyone has information on what tractors may have had caps similar, let me know and I will do some investigating.
Bruce Cunha

Check . I chased down the tractor lead and bought a couple of them about two years ago. They don't fit. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)


Jim Neel has given you the best direction. Jeff has pesonnaly contracted to have manufactured for him, T-Series caps made from non-tracking phenolic.

But If you're looking for a good deal. The Ford/Fergusson model TE20.

I bought a spare a few years ago for $12 at a farm supply house - still have it.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

Finally someone has the part number for the Tractor one...I'm off to Tractor supply Monday.....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

TE-20 Lucas distributor cap with screw in wires is around $27.00 from a tractor supply. These people have them. Don't know if it's worth the trouble though. PJ
P S Jennings

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