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MG TD TF 1500 - Do I smell a 'funny' auction?

This car sold just a short time ago for a lot less than this is now and is being resold by the recent buyer (I checked). The listing is almost identical to the former except for the snow and the previous lister mentioned that the door to the side curtain compartment would not stay closed. This guy has the same picture without mentioning the defect. How do you suppose that the price is this high. There have been a lot of very nice TDs that did not come close to this. If it is on the up and up, good. We like this price.

John Redman

For $44,000.00 I would expect to have windshield wipers and the firewall painted. Rust still shows. Two little straps with snap fasteners $6.00 should have been thrown in to hold side curtain door.Still , the car is my favorite color. Firewalls can be painted. No top or side curtains? what did he put his $$$$$ in to reach this level.I think I will pass.
Sandy Sanders.
conrad sanders

Wrong air filter, wrong generator, wiring looks like a mess, fit/lines of running board/front fender attrocious, no top,missing two center grill slats, no threshold plates, etc.etc. What a deal! If someone paid that much to do this restoration, I have some nice dry Florida land behind our house.......
George Butz


The part about the "son" seems strange (like, a lie). This guy admitted to me that he just bought the car a month ago (on eBay). Speaking about straps, did any of you see the car a week ago that had straps going from the dashboard to a snap on the outside top corners of the doors?

John Redman

Another example of something that's absolutely awful. Will I ever see a car correctly put together at e-bay?

Denis L. Baggi

I emailed this guy and asked him if this was a relisting (as I had downloaded some pics of it during the first listing) and he said yaes it was a relisting never refering to the fact that he had just bought it on ebay he tried to leave me thinking he was the same lister.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

Also, seller shows 0 feedback, current high bidder has 0 feedback (no bid history on either) and the majority of bidders have only one or two feedback listings, ( I smell "shill"). Thirty three bids and most from the same handful of "bidders".

No way is this a top dollar vehicle and that's supposedly what the price is indicating. New England Classics, among others, have nicer cars for less money.

Not the only fishy activity I've seen on Ebay lately. Last week they had ,what looked like, a mint condition 69 Camaro convertible with an opening bid of $70.00 and a "Buy It Now" price of $7500.00, for a car that, if the pictures and description were to be believed, was worth about 4 times the price.
Peter Whelan

There's more. Quickly revisited the site and the same "bidders" were jumping their own bids literally every 2 minutes, sometimes by hundreds of dollars.....Hmmmm.

Sniff, sniff...
Peter Whelan

Seems as if we British old boy racers should come over the pond and buy a car. Cannot really comment on where money has been spent, but there does appear to be rust on the bulkhead. A concourse car in the UK will set you back 15000(english pounds)or more. When I looked a minute or so ago, the bid had reached $20,500, which is about 11000. But without seeing the car, this may be the top limit in the UK, or perhaps over the top.

You'll know for sure at the end of the auction. If he's bidding his own car up, he won't want the auction to end with himself as the high bidder or else he still owns the car but has to pay the auction fees. So watch for the auction to end right before the time limit.
Steve Simmons

I will tell you that the 1953 TD I have listed in another post on this board is a 10 and this car is a 5 by comparison.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

The car "sold" for the high bid of $20,500 to a person with zero track record. The very early MGB person had the sense to strike the high bids HE had but ended up not making his reserve. A day before the end, I e-mailed him advising that he do the same as, with all the non-concourse (sic) defects, it was well out of its proper range. He ignored me.

John Redman

Why don't those kind of idiots go and play in the Muscle car sand box and leave us alone!
I'll bet a we dram of Laphroaig that it will show up again.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

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