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MG TD TF 1500 - Does anybody else...

Went out running some errands today in our 80+ weather, with no rain (mark the day and the hour). We saw a PT Cruiser convertable coming in the opposit lane with its top down. Does anybody else think that those things (the convertable with the top down) look just like a picnic basket with wheels? Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

From the outside I agree they are a different look.

Rental company gave me one for messing up a reservation last summer. Had the convertable with the turbo. Inside, they are not bad. Some interesting engineering on the convertable top.

Often thought the tiny turbo used in these would work well on the MG.
BEC Cunha


I do think the waist line of the car is odd. I never understood the PT Cruiser though, sort of a little panel truck. When it appeared as a convertible, it confused me even further.

Dave Braun

It's not a very good looking up or down. This however is a good looking vehicle...especially with the top down!

(slightly bias opinion here!)



Jim Rice

David DB
Ush I think they all look alike,
BMW Toyota Mazda etc.
They are all constructed from the same computer program.
No pwrsonel touch in Norway we call them
soap trays.
t g sorensen

I think that they look like a hearse,especially the dark colored ones.
Sandy Sanders

Went to Anchorage, Alaska a few years back with the wife. She did a 26K walk/run. When we landed at the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks the rental company gave us a PT Cruiser. I liked it, it was fun to drive and fairly quick. I think it is a retro look, supposed to look like a fifties customized hot rod. Wouldn't own one, but it was fun to drive. John

Mazda Miata is the closest feel to an MG (B) when driving. Not a bad looking car either...and reasonably priced. The problem with today's cars is that they all look the same with the exception of the Jag S-type, maybe. I used to like to watch the race cars when you could identify the marque. Today's NASCAR they all look the same....b-o-r-i-n-g.

I was looking at a used Jag S type and was really excited, until the newbe salesman walked over and asked me if I wanted to drive this beautiful example of a "Kia Amanti" they just traded in yesterday. He started to open the door of the Jag and said, "Hey, these Kias are nice"! When I told him it was a Jag, he didn't seem to mind. (They shouldn't let just anyone sell nice cars)
Getting back to the original question David asked, I can sum it up by repeating what my wife says every time she see a PT. "Those cars depress me..." On the other hand, every time she sees a Scion xB, she starts making circus noises. I asked her why, and she says they look like clowns should be jumping out at the stop light! She calls them Clown Cars.

Thoralf - "in Norway we call them soap trays." I love it! I also love "Clown cars" Every time our daughter sees one of the Scion xBs, she exclaims, "Bad Driver" because some many people driving them zip in and out of traffic and generally exhibit bad driving practices. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I had a 2000 S type V8 sport. The second happiest day of life was I leased it. The happiest day was when I gave it back after 4 years lease. Numerous recalls and maintence issues. $170 oil changes are the best!!!

I loved the style, my friend had a 64 3.8 jaguar sedan (same style). We spun out on a small road a 90MPH once. The seats never smelled the same.

Stay away from the new Jag unless you have a big pocket book.....

I much prefer my 52 MGTD. The maintence issues are much easier to handle.

When it comes to Jaguar, they are my "other" love besides the Pre-war and T -Series MGs, but nothing past the Series III XJ. The modern ones are generally good cars, but way too expensive to maintain. Below is a shot of my last 3 Jaguars.



L Karpman

My 1960 mkX back in the '70's

gblawson - TD#27667

I love Jags too! I have had three E-types, several modern sedans, an XJ-12L, an XJ6-C and a 1957? Mk10.
My favorite Jaguar saying is, "I drove my new Jag to Leeds, and it only caught fire three times"!
A guy I work with has a 65 E-type Coupe and a 1963 3.4 sedan, which looks like the new S types, sort of...

My red TF 1500 sits in the garage next to my wife's pristine green 1994 Vanden Plas. Looks like Christmas in England :-)
Dave C
D Clark

Many moons ago my wife and I had a 3.8 MKII
sedan . Beautiful handling for a fairly heavy sedan
Our Saint Bernard loved the big back seat, with
the easy to clean red leather .
In those days we drove the Jag year round.
There was a regular spring routine of re-building
the 4 Dunlop disc brake callipers (road salt damage)
Also had chrome wire wheels .(Num Num)
With the electric overdrive you could cruise
all day at 90 MPH - Great Car!
W G Pickthorne

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