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MG TD TF 1500 - Early TD ??

I've shown this TD before but never knew it's year, anyone have a good guess? PJ

Paul S Jennings

Must be a new one.... no puddles.


Somewhere between 1950 & 1953. 49 is out as the wheels aren't solid. Painted headlight buckets, centre mounted wiper & the price is getting up there, so I guess late 1952. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

It appears to have a center wiper motor, That would make it a later one. After 52.

Although the model's dress is hiding a good part of the fender, I do not see a tail light rubber block protruding.

Could it have round lights?

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Wiper is on the right. you can see the arm on it.

I'm no expert, but I have a late 52 and it sure looks like mine (well, cleaner and newer of course). I think the wiper is on the right too. Also, the front turn signals don't appear to have the small topside colored glass indicators that I believe later ones have? Or were those on models later than the TD?
Interesting to see that the wheels appear chromed.
Geoffrey M Baker

Painted headlamps and rings, so it is later than early 1951.

If you blow up the picture, look at the back tire. If this is a new car, they must have driven it through some mud. There is mud on the wheel and the rear fenderwell is speckled.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

The wiper is on the right- note the two equally spaced screws in the middle of the frame, and the wiper blade is underneath). All TC-TF cars had the plastic red dots in the sidelamps, though you can't see them in the picture.
George Butz

Another photo of this TD was published in the August 1952 issue of "Nuffield News Exchange" page four.
The caption reads: "Packard-Holyoke Motors Inc., Nuffield Dealers in Holyoke, Mass.,displayed this M.G. "TD" at the Food and Home Show held in Springfield Mass. "
So apparently the car is not younger than August 1952...
Hope this helps.

Nick (TD3232)

PS: The TD is pictured with "Aunt Jemima" on board which, I understand, is an American advertising legend to put it mildly....
Nick Herwegh

The wheels are chrome. Odd to show that on a car on display. They must have borrowed it from an owner who's had it long enough to have dome some driving and customizing.


Hmmm... doesn't look like the "Aunt Jemima" I've seen on advertising here in the States. Was that part of the description, or where did you get that info?

Maybe "Betty Crocker" instead?
Kevin McLemore

A copy of the photo in Nuffield News Exchange....

Nick (TD3232)

Nick Herwegh

Great find from Niek's valuable archives.

A little Googling found this:

Springfield's Exposition, Food and Home Show; Springfield, MA 1953 Apr 13-18
Christopher Couper

Ahh... yes... a different photo! That's more like the Jemima I remember. :)
Kevin McLemore

I appreciate the follow up fellas and have learned more about this car than I bargained for. I believe I got this photo in the 70s, but haven't a clue where I got it. I'll have to ad the Aunt Jemima photo with the other one. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Funny how the sign artist wrote
M.G-TD-midget on one side and M.G.-TD-MIDGET
On the other side -

Rick Walsh
R.T. Walsh

He may have run out of .'s :-)
Christopher Couper

Were you commenting on the missing dot Rick? Cecil was most insistent that they be included. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Yes Peter -exactly! I have seen M.G. And MG
- but never half-done. That would have really upset

R.T. Walsh

Here's the best I could do on blowing up the tail light rubber. You TD guys can possibly tell if it's a round or rectangular light. Can't believe they ran this car through mud and didn't clean it up!

Paul S Jennings

Paul: This is probably a very late 52 TD like mine (TD19629). It has 1953 rear fenders but rectangular TD taillights. I suspect the factory ran out of rectangular fenders in the late summer of 1952 and just drilled some holes in the fenders and attached the square lamps. It may have been only some of the colors. My car is red and this looks like a red one too. I found two other red cars before around my same number that had the same rear fenders/lamps.
Christopher Couper

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