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MG TD TF 1500 - ebay nos don't match

This car is listed as have vin#TD13441 and has chronametric (flat face) gages and my car is vin#TD11547 and it has dished gages! So who is right? This car is 1894 after mine, so maybe mine has wrong gages!
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

Yours is right,. The change over for RHD was 10779 and for LHD it was 10751. Therefore yours is okay with dished instruments.
Sandy Sanders
conrad sanders

Moss says flat guages goes to up 10778. On it says flat up to 10750

A couple things I catch on the Ebay car.

I don't see bolts for the floor mounted dimmer switch. I thought these changed early in 1951?

Also car has later model oil filter and oil/temp guages. acording to the above web. The oil/temp came in at 13913.

Replacable oil filter is listed as coming in at 14224.

Bruce Cunha

I have a high beam light indicator below the Odometer. I was told that it was not the original gauge. It works and I replaced the complete wire harness and it was part of the new harness wiring. Anyone know if it's original or not?
1952 TD #17700.



PS, If I knew how to add a picture of it I would.

It's a pretty car that has been rather customized. Among other things -- The instruments have been changed appreciably. The chronometric instruments are wrong for the car's age. The car has a combination oil pressure/water temperature gauge from a later model. Notice the weird location for the temperature sensor on the left side of the thermostat housing. The starter knob has been replaced by a toggle switch. I think I can just see the dimmer toggle at 6 o'clock on the horn push. Somebody sure likes chrome. I'm puzzled about the oil filter type. That change occurred at engine 14224.

Don, your high beam indicator may well be original. The change was at Car No. 17548, i.e., before yours.
Bud Krueger

You know it is interesting when the change over for various things were supposed to occur with our cars. I have a January production 1950 TD #533 and it has the old style slotted tires and painted headlights. I have a very early picture of the car from the 50's showing the slotted rims mand the painted headlights, yet the car shouldn't have had either of these things. Go figure! I suppose they could have been changed within a few years of the cars production due to damage etc.. but no way to know.
Rob Silverman

I don't think these are chronometric instruments, but some kind of repro based on Smith instruments. You can see that the clock is fake.

Denis L. Baggi

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