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MG TD TF 1500 - eBay survivor


Looks decent, but it would be hard to run it upside down like that - all the oil must run out...

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I don't mean to be unkind, but according to the ad the original owner "purchased it knew" and it later came from a "reparable dealer", and "all the numbers seem to be Munching." The seller "is willing to uncial any questions," which I am sure will please any calligraphers among us. "All look original it-start-up right away it drivers..."

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

It is unfortunate that the numbers have been munching on the leather seats- looks like a candidate for the survivors competition- he bought it in "Humping Folds NH"- I wonder how far that is from the site of the GOF...
J K Barter

Nice looking TD ..."original interior paint and body"?
If that's original paint it must have been a PIA to clean the red off the body piping!
Still looks like a nice one.
David Sheward

I think he must of had too much OSH when he created the ad. When I first saw the pictures I thought, "gee he must have taken these shots down under". lol
Richard Taylor TD3983

Holy cow! Auto correct and English as a third language gone wild!
J E Carroll

I don't think the temperature gauge is working very well.
Other than that looks like a reasonable survivor.

Jim Neel 53TD28423

I would be very cautious with this one. Reads like a scammer who has pulled for sale pictures off somewhere else.

Grammar is so poor that I have to wonder.
Bruce Cunha

IMHO: Think I would make the effort to go "see" this one if I had an interest. 100% feeback ...1 purchase?
Maybe just the lighting but some pics interior looks red, others tan?
I certainly would not call this a "survivor". Obviously re-painted. Look at firewall ...all the fittings on fuel pump and such have been re-sprayed flat black.
Like Bruce said: "I would be very cautious with this one."
David Sheward

I just looked up "Humping Folds NH" and came up with nothing.

Bobby Galvez

I did the same and got more than I was looking for from google!
"Women With 'Dowager's Hump' At Higher Risk Of Earlier Death"
David Sheward

Hampton Falls?
Geoff Ev

I have no idea after reading this ad description what he was talking about but it looks like Geoff is probably right trying to decipher this ridiculous ad.

The only problem is Hampton Falls, NH is in the Southeast coastal section of the state which is not "From Northern New Hampshire" per the ad.

I guess if the pics of the car are upside down so could be the map?? "From Northern New Hampshire" could be south on his map??

What a joke...

Frank Cronin

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